Top 10 Hong Kong

Escale à Hong-Kong

Hong Kong unavoidable Overview 10 Point:

1 .Downtown: the city center runs from Kowloon side, with concentrations outside common ! We lose almost nose in the air in this forest of modern buildings.

2 .Victoria Peak: a good ride (some do bike) towards the summit of where you can enjoy a magnificent overview of Hong Kong ... unmissable!

3 .The nightlife of Hong Kong as already busy days spin at any speed, you do not go to bed early and more! Restaurants, bars and clubs, concerts and shows enliven the always lively nightlife of Hong Kong.

4 .Aller beach in Hong Kong that's the advantage of being a metropolis in an archipelago island, there are beaches! The busiest remains Repulse Bay, where it feels like a resort ...

5 .The crossing Victoria Harbor: a ferry crossing to spend unforgettable Hong Kong island Kowloon, and vice versa ... Even more impressive at night with all the lights!

6 .Shopping in Hong Kong : shopping, it is known to Hong Kong! One could almost devote his days with large shopping centers, stores and more with the countless markets!

7 .L'île Lantau: another island of the archipelago, with some mountain ranges; it houses a monastery known for its giant Buddha, that can be reached by cable car!

8 .Randonnée in Hong Kong to trudge into town past the hour you may be sufficient, but it is always possible for walking enthusiasts from hiking in the natural parks of the territory of the city.

9 .The Aberdeen harbor: on the south side of Kowloon, change of atmosphere with that port fishing and its multitude of small boats inhabited! The seafood restaurants are another good reason to come ...

10 Hong Kong history .Museum: end on a cultural note with this museum, whose explicit name perfectly the theme!