Top 10 topics of conversation for the chairlift

The joys of holidays in the mountains: every day, you must board the chair lift with a complete stranger whom you have nothing to say. Politeness, however, requires that you exchange a few words with this madman who pollutes your living space. Some tips to furnish the 2 minutes and 30 mounted to the powder.

  1. not hot Done, right? . Your neighbor will vigorously nodding, pleased you to incur the conversation. 20 seconds won.
  2. You have tested the local squeegee? . A discussion on the mountain cuisine, nothing better to fill the low points.
  3. And fondue? In addition, you can decline the all the sauces (Savoy!).
  4. And mulled wine? . With all that, you won a minute
  5. It's beautiful all this snow. Your party will engage in a philosophical reflection about the whiteness of the mountain 20 seconds in the pocket .
  6. You've been here? . This is a field rather risky: If the person answers in the negative, 10 bonus seconds . If this is the twelfth year of Chalet Merry Elves, he will tell you in detail his past experiences. Eleven hours later, you're still stuck in the chairlift next to him.
  7. This is very high, anyway ... : You grappillez 5 seconds . Your comrade in misfortune does not even bother to respond to such a banality.
  8. Do you believe in God? : bad idea. You are now trained in 45 minutes religious questioning.
  9. You ski well? : Your sidekick boasts of his prowess on the black runs while you raise your filth nullity on green slopes. Still 30 seconds scraped.
  10. Well, it was a pleasure to have met you : You use the last 5 seconds s to say goodbye to your new best friend. Then you go down even before the security barrier is raised. You are finally free to hit the slopes alone!