Top 10 unusual ski resorts in the world

French Alps and Savoy, the stations of the Pyrenees or the Jura, you've been around, and you want to put some originality in your next ski holidays? Cityzeum went found for you 10 unusual ski resorts around the world, for a change of scenery and an experience that few have gone before you!

1.Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba, never heard? Normal priori, since the station is in a country where few of us go on vacation: the Pakistan! In the massive mythical Karakoram, perhaps a future destination for fashion ...


Skiing in the middle of the desert, you have dreamed, Dubai has. Or maybe do you have ever dreamed it, but the ski slope built in the Mall of the Emirate represents well all the excesses of the small oil emirate.


Africa is not a popular destination for ski run, and for good reason: there are only two ski slopes all year, including Afriski, established a sliding complex in Lesotho over 3000 meter altitude. Canon rigor of snow.


Yes, Sarajevo, for those with long memories, hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics While the facilities are not new, but the ski conditions close to the capital are still very good at Jahorina and Bjelasnica.


It is not only from Morocco to the sun, but also for skiing. The main station of the country, at 2,600 meters, is away from 78 kilometers from Marrakech in the High Atlas, good snow, ski lifts, with Mount Toubkal in the background.

6.Timberline Lane

direction the US, in the heart of the state of Oregon. The silhouette of the Timberline Lane station is familiar to you? Or more specifically this great hotel in the snow? This is the one used featured in the film The Shining Kubrick.

7.Union Glacier Camp

An ultra-select ski trip, if only as not its exorbitant price: Union Glacier Camp is a unique resort in its day, as it allows to ski on the ice of Antarctica! Attention instead skiing, not raids appointed here.


The brand new North Korean ski resort, the pride of the leaders of the country, Masikryong is a modern and very new winter sports complex. His unusual side? The difficulty of access, for it only with difficulty even travel to North Korea ...

9.Mont Parnassus

No Montparnasse in Paris on Mount Parnassus in Greece. 2 hours from Athens bus station Parnassos (Greek) is certainly the most popular of the country. Although getaway day for example, watch the times of big crowds.


Iran, another country that does not come immediately head to ski. But Dizin, not far from Tehran, is a small well equipped resort which has the distinction of being one of the highest perched of the world, with lifts up to 3,600 meters!