Top 10 Ski booking sites

With the approach of winter holidays, and in the best case, before this is the last time, it's time to take stock of his ski equipment. What to replace what should be complete, what should we keep?

Further, rather than bother with the purchase (and storage) of the necessary range to ski, prefer to rent their equipment. Previously we went in the resort where we were staying, to queue and devote the first day to rent its equipment. With the Internet, these procedures are simplified and can be done online.

You book your equipment, get it back in one spot, and go after your stay. There you go ! For rent or sale, handy websites to simplify the organization of holidays. And the more we do it sooner, the better!

So to not waste time in useless research, here are the 10 best ski equipment booking sites:

The specialist site selling ski equipment (ski widely represented) is intended for those wishing to invest in the right ski equipment. Alpine skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, snow wide range of accessories, you can find everything you need. A monitor, flash sales that cause nice specials.

A very complete site to fit the feet to the head to stay for winter sports. Just look at the number of product categories: Alpine skiing, ski touring, cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sled, all imaginable accessories for men, women and children. The Company Roblochon done things.

Many online ski shop, with a choice of wide products, for all the necessary equipment: skis and ski boots male / female, snowboarding, accessories, ski clothing for the whole family. Many bargains to find, but also a flash sale section where to throw the eye.

skiing, snowboard, boots, boots or clothing, the site name is quite clear about his vocation: the used ski equipment for sale! Suffice to say that if you are looking for discount prices, it is here to look for. Good choice, many brands, and a section for finding the sweet price bargain.

Skiset, is one of the major sites of online Ski reservation. So this rental booking online skis and accessories of your choice, that you get in the store at the destination. Practice with réducs for online reservations.

Another major site equipment reservation for winter sports, is a service attached to the famous sports brand: Decathlon. The guarantees of professionalism and good benefits, with a bonus of many discounts and offers to enter the site.

The site's slogan is simple and clear: rent your skis at discount prices. offers on booking a wide range of equipment for skiing at reduced prices, with benefits of up to 60% discount or the 7th day offered.

A safe bet. Great teaches very present in cities and ski resorts, Intersport has a highly effective network of stores, facilitating removal system and delivery of rental equipment. By booking in advance your skis, you can enjoy 20% discount to 50%! Important

In the same genre as the previous site, Sport 2000 ensures quality equipment rental service, with a choice that allows him extended its store network. Online, many exclusives, coupon codes and special offers are to be entered, as well as rental packages, a loyalty program and a comprehensive insurance.

Another great material online rental website. Although present in the stations, it is easy to book and get his ski equipment. offers benefits in the form of insurance, Alpinguaranty for theft or breakage with reduction in premium on the rental Alpinsafety for costs of medical assistance, Alpinflexi to ensure in case of cancellation.