Top 10 misconceptions about Italian

When traveling, each nationality is preceded by his reputation that sticks to the skin: the arrogant French, Spanish lazy ... Selected pieces prejudices about Italian .

Italians are deceiving.

They simply whisper ti amo te in the ear of a woman and it's in the pocket.

The Italians eat only pizza and pasta.

Not only. Focaccias too.

The Italians are ultra-Catholic.

This is why there are churches every two meters in cities.

The Italian dress well.

They receive all the range Dolce & Gabbana at birth.

The Italian put tight-fitting pants and gel in the hair.

While this look is exceeded since the time of Grease ...

The Italians are all mafiosi.

The proof, the most famous Italians are sponsors of the Mafia Don Corleone, Al Capone, Don Calzone ...

The Italians talk with their hands.

And incidentally very, very strong. If you interpellez them on the street, they will succeed in ├ęborgner you and make you deaf in one shot.

All Italian driving a Vespa

This colorful scooter is part of the panoply of the perfect seducer.

The Italians are all named Mario and Maria.

Or Giovanni and Giovanna.

The Italians behave like reckless drivers.

The rules of the road, it's good for the French. Why an Italian patienterait it at a red light while it may darken?