Top 10 World Beer drinkers countries

There are worldwide countries that are beer lovers and have heavy drinkers of this foam, either blond or red. In some countries it is also an emblem, a reputation to maintain. Discover without waiting the 10 countries the biggest beer drinkers in the world.

The Czech Republic

may surprise many, the Czech Republic is the country where one consumes the most beer. With 148.6 liters of beer per year bus, this represents nearly half a liter per day. And as we drink in summer to cool off in winter for warmth.


In second place comes Austria with 107.80 liters bus beers on year. It's very rare that Austria beat Germany on such a record, but it can happen.


Precisely in third place is Germany, with 106.1 liters of beer consumed per year, Germany is one among the biggest beer drinkers in the world countries. Accompanied by a good sauerkraut, beer always goes well.


Always at the Eastern countries, Estonia is ranked fourth in the ranking of countries considered the biggest beer drinkers with 102.4 liters of hops consumed annually. It is always nice to share a beer with friends.


Poland is fifth and consumes about 98.5 liters of beer per year. One again we find the Eastern among the top consumers.


Despite St. Patrick, Ireland is not in the top three of the biggest consumers of beer. The Irish take a great pleasure to meet for a pint in a pub with a friendly atmosphere.


With 85.9 liters of beer consumed per year, Croatia is certainly not the largest consumer of beer in the world but still ranks in seventh place ranking. A good figure anyway.


Surprisingly, Venezuela is among the top ten beer consuming countries in the world with 85.5 liters buses each year. We are far from the famous Tequila very drunk and very popular in the countries of South America.


In the ninth, Finland arrives with 84.2 liters of beer. As in Ireland, pubs are many to share a pint in a friendly atmosphere and to refuel flavors.


The last of the top 10 is Romania with only 83.2 liters of beer consumed in the year. In winter, it is important to warm up the body with a good glass that we share with others.