Top 10 nightclub in Berlin

A la découverte de Berlin

Berlin is the reference in terms of nights, she even house the best nightclubs in the world. But to make his idea, we must move. Here's a little preview of what you will find in the Berlin night.

Berghain: They say it's the best nightclub in the world, techno and Berlin specialties. We meet young people from all genres. Berghain is a major destination, a visit is required

The wise course:. Very nice box, we play it good music, especially of the house and the 'electro. The public is young and relatively easy to discover

The Watergate. A very trendy and very popular club. On the Watergate you feel flying over the river spree. A beautiful sight not to be missed

The club dante. The clubbers are young and cool. The music is rather house-electro. To visit on Friday night, at parties 'jet lag party', a reference to the Berlin evenings

The Matrix. A giant box, over 4 floors. All styles of music and people are mixed there, a place to visit if you want to make beautiful meetings

Cookies. Good music, beautiful surroundings, casual attendance, cookie has all the secrets of a good club, and it is. Open only on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Picknick. especially house music, and sometimes music a little more rhythmic, in a typical Berlin setting, to visit for s impregnate the night culture of the country

the Weekend. located on the 12th floor, the nightclub offers the best panoramic views of the city, music n is not bad but the incredible view, do not miss

the club h10. a box rather hip-hop, R & B, reggae and dancehall. You meet a pretty young audience in a dynamic atmosphere, friendly and relaxed

Icon. An atmosphere rather young club for fans of the electro-house music. the setting is very pleasant and the music is excellent.