Top 10 best pizzerias in Paris


The pizza is an art. In Paris, it is almost impossible to count the pizzerias, that practically exist on every street corner! Therefore, the difficulty is not to find a pizza, but to find the better pizza, one that exceeds all others by its taste, its authenticity or originality. We combed through the cream of the cream of Parisian pizzerias, to keep only the top 10 best places:


Address: 74 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, 75010 Paris

In the neighborhood of Water Tower, close to the subway, an address that is almost unanimously. A small room filled quickly where there is a good mood, no doubt due to the quality of pizzas to be savored at the table. Friendly and delicious.

2-Al Taglio

Address: 2 bis, rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011 Paris

Here, it's like street pizzerias in Italy, we savored his slice of pizza on a small tablet on or take away. The pizzas are square and are selling at the cut and weight, typically Italian practice, which can taste several formulas ...


Address: 70 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris

Also in the neighborhood of Château d'Eau, decidedly provided, Allegra pizzeria, cheerful Italian, focuses on product quality: a simple but effective card, pizzas made from organic flour Italian, transalpine and authentic flavors.

4-Pizza Rossi

Address: 24 blondel Street, 75002 Paris

The kind of neighborhood places that we love to share ... a small room, whose filling leaves no doubt about the mastery of pizzaiolo: nice pizza, good paste, selection of classic price affordable, hard to ask for more.

5-Alice Pizza

Address: 57, rue des Dames, 75017-4, Dancourt street, 75018-11 Street Eugene Gibez, 75015

An address that has forged a solid reputation in Paris, so much so that one does not speak of but three addresses across the capital. generous flavors, a touch of originality, a proven formula, Alice pizza is eaten on site or home delivery.

The 6-Pulcinella

Address: 17 rue Damrémont, 75018 Paris

In the tidy Damrémont street, close to Montmartre, the Pulcinella prepares excellent pizza made with fresh products. Friendly service, without excess value, good pizza rossa (tomato sauce) or bianca (cream).

7-Alfredo Positano

Address: 9 rue Guisarde, 75006 Paris

In the trendy Saint Germain des Prés, Alfredo Positano still playing and still map of tradition. A real pizzeria with old, busy as renowned also (with prices to match), you will be treated for a long time.

8-Il Brigante

Address: 14 Rue du Ruisseau, 75018 Paris

Ultra-fine paste warranty, Il Brigante Il Brigante's reputation, small charming address Bute behind Montmartre, beyond the borders of the district. The room is small, better book to taste the specialties of the house: scamorza, supressata, capicolo, pecorino ...

9-Amici Miei

Address: 44, rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris

A pure juice Italian trattoria, where it is known to make pizza. An address Fame 11th district, which attracts, it seems, some artists and actors like everything to everyone, never shrink from a delicious pizza.

10-Neapolitan Le Bistrot

Address: 18, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 75008 Paris

This address is used to haunt the Neapolitans like any pizza lover cooked over a wood fire. Behind a relatively ordinary storefront, open since 1988, the Bistro Neapolitan proven: generous pizzas, for hearty appetites .