Top 10 best houseboats in Paris


If some of your friends, family or colleagues have already gone on vacation, away from pollution, stress and Parisian concrete, some are sentenced to spend a few days, weeks, months ... every day on Facebook, Twitter or MMS, you receive beach photos, cocktails, toes fan ...

Faced with this flood of clichés and jealousy aroused - and not to sink in the summer blues - fortunately, Paris has a number of nice spots to relax by the Seine on a barge. To feel on holiday, even in Paris, focus on our Top 10 best houseboats in Paris!

The Batofar


Famous Parisian barge, the Batofar is a bit 'the place to be for young people. You can take a drink after work with a happy hour from 18h to 20h or possibly to dinner. You can also partying since many concerts are regularly organized. It is for you to choose your universe from the terrace, the restaurant, the beach, or the concert hall becomes a club from 23h to 6h

  • Batofar
    Facing 11 Quai François Mauriac. Paris 13 & deg;

    La Balle au Bond

     on the ball

    La Balle au Bond has a calm, serene and very friendly. This tiny houseboat you will watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail as an appetizer, couple or friends. Place of cultural diversity, you can also go there for concerts, exhibitions, literary readings and other artistic programming. On Sunday, La Balle au Bond welcomes you for a lovely brunch.

    • La Balle au Bond
      Port of Saints -Pères
      Facing 3 Malaquais dock. Paris 6 & deg;

      The River's King

       river's king

      The River's King and its partners organize many evenings. This houseboat 450m & sup2; contemporary style welcomes you for your evenings with friends in a high style, quite different from what you usually see in Paris. Most ? The beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower!

      • The River's King
        Quai Saint-Bernard . Paris 5 & deg;

        The Little Bath

         the small terrace bath

        Set at the foot of the BNF, the barge Le Petit Bain is designed on 3 levels and has 3 areas: concert hall, recording studio, restaurant and terrace where you can plant even gardening! Le Petit Bain is meetings, discoveries.

        • Petit Bain
          7, port Station. Paris 13 & deg;

          O Restaurant

           O restaurant

          More great restaurant on the water in Europe, the vast barge - O restaurant offers the perfect setting to gather with friends or lovers. It is the designer François Lamazerolles who designed and created this intimate marine world, contemporary and warm on board the O Restaurant. Pretty view of the Seine, cared meals, relaxing ... You will certainly unforgettable at Restaurant O!

          • O Restaurant
            47 Quai Michelet. 92300 Levallois-Perret

            The Lady of Canton

             lady Township

            A little thirsty? Make a stop at the Lady of Canton, genuine and authentic Chinese junk, the Mecca of music and celebration in Paris at the water's edge. La Dame de Canton is a warm boat, unusual, wooded stretching on a beautiful summer terrace with artificial lawn, deck chairs, tables outside ... Both bar, restaurant, room concerts and club, you will not be disappointed!

            • La Dame de Canton
              Port de la Gare. Paris 13 & deg;

              The Galleon

               galleon the

              Walk in the footsteps of great stars of the Music Hall of the 60s, politicians, and even General de Gaulle! The Galleon has hosted many celebrities and is a must in Paris. It is now a cult place, cozy and chic, offering a lovely view of the Seine. As for the card ... You can find the site and salivating in advance!

              • Galleon
                10 Allée du waterfront . Paris 16 & deg;

                Coffee Barge

                 barge coffee

                Just opposite the new Docks City of Fashion and Design, Café Barge is a barge-restaurant atypical look, chic and baroque, in which to enjoy a cocktail. You can also dine in a pleasant since the Café Barge has huge windows, open on the Seine. Finally for partygoers, past dinner, the barge becomes a dance bar!

                • Café Barge
                  5 Port la Rapee. Paris 12 & deg;

                  The Playtime

                   playtime barge

                  Playtime is not an open barge to drink or restaurant BUT we could not miss. Birthday, special event, bachelor party girl / boy, marriage, dancing for individuals or seminars, receptions, conferences, evening events for professionals, Playtime is ideal. The little (big?) More: a swimming pool on the barge, to make your evening even more extraordinary !

                  • Playtime
                    6 Quai Jean Companion. 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine

                    Bâteau Alamein

                     el alamein

                    The barge El Alamein is not like the others, it is captivating and charming. Both inside all wooden furniture and African / Chinese, the exterior colorful and filled with plants, are atypical. El Alamein organizes many varied concerts because it takes something for everyone.