Top 10 Dubai follies

Kingdom of the excesses, Dubai offers the possibility of achieving the unthinkable. A brief overview of the extravagances of the most renowned emirate.

one Ski Dubai Skier by.. 40 & deg; ? It's possible. Dubai has the only indoor ski resort in the Middle East. Five ski slopes with a 400 meters long, real snow and an internal temperature of -2 & deg; All conditions are met to give the illusion of a real trip to the mountains .

2 Dubai Mall. shopping Temple from its 1200 shops, this mall is a city within the city , there are over a hundred bars and restaurants, an aquarium, a movie 22 rooms, an ice rink and a hotel. Sobriety when you hold us & hellip;

3 Burj Al Arab. Located on an artificial island, this hotel in the sail-like architecture is the only one in the world with seven stars. Helipad, noble materials, huge suites, panoramic restaurant make it the epitome of Dubai's ostentatious luxury.

4. Burj Khalifa. Other escalation of the emirate in excess. The highest tower in the world (828 meters) offers a panoramic view of the emirate with clear weather visibility up to 95 km radius.

5 Palm Jumeirah Another crazy project. immense archipelago of artificial islands shaped palm. Described 8 th wonder of the world, that architectural innovation is worth a look.

6. Safari 4 * 4. at only 45 minutes from Dubai, the thrill seekers can afford Ride with 4 * 4 in the desert and try to sandboarding!

7 Gastronomy. Dubai is fast becoming a gourmet city, attracting more and more big names cooked. The culinary offer is rich and varied in the image of its population. There's something for everyone!

8 Les Fontaines. at nightfall, at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, a sublime show combining music, water and light jets gives every half hour.

9 gold Souk. the market's most famous gold in the world that has earned Dubai the city of nickname gold . With or without intent to purchase, especially one goes there for the unique experience of immersion in a traditional market.

10 Dubai Marina. Built on a path of artificial navigation, Dubai Marina is one of the largest in the world . Skyscrapers, yachts, restaurants, shops and spas rub along the waterfront.