Top 10 places to jog in Paris


Paris, capital of France, is not only a romantic place to spend your vacation. The City of Light is also an ideal place for sports. If you like running, here are the ten busiest squares to do your daily jogging.

garden plants

As the name suggests, the botanical garden is a popular park for runners morning. You are free to work all the movements in the middle of a green landscape and flowers with exceptional scents. You can easily access the garden from the Gare d'Austerlitz. By choosing garden plants as a racetrack, you will have ample space to practice.

The quays of the Seine

If you like running next to the Louvre, you will be served through the banks of the Seine. Solo or as a couple, your running every day will be a pure delight. However, you remain careful not to jostle pedestrians.

Park Montsouris and the Cité Universitaire

If you like small elevations, the University City Park is the place that you intended. Additionally, you can choose the path around the lake as track. You take the opportunity to breathe a big breath of fresh air in passing. In this park, the circuits are diversified, ideal for larger riders.

The green corridor

The long distances are familiar to you? The green corridor is the track that suits you. Along more than 4 km, the circuit goes through several districts of Paris. If you like to visit Paris while playing sports, do not hesitate to go that route.

Boulogne Wood

The Bois de Boulogne are known to all hikers. On more than ten kilometers, you run in the wild. Ideal for recharging, this place also offers a journey of more than 2 km for lovers at speed or sprint race.

Vincennes forest

ideal circuit, for both amateur and professional runners, the Vincennes woods offer many opportunities for discovery. Change air and run on tracks all traced through the famous Chateau de Vincennes.

The Buttes Chaumont park

Fancy a casual morning meeting, this busy place that is the Buttes Chaumont Park is a track in the middle of a large over twenty hectares relaxation area. You can run and get to know many walkers.

Mars Fields

Stretching over 2 km, the track of the Champ de Mars offers all runners to come check it out. Who wants to run right next to the Eiffel Tower? Discover Paris in a different light after a morning jog session in there.

The Luxembourg Garden

Really, Paris is full of gardens and parks for running. On some kilometers track, you may be lucky enough to run with the pros. The Luxembourg garden is bordered by many people.

Monceau Park

Run quietly among the trees and admire this beautiful garden. Monceau park offers runners a little loop that will allow them to run without much effort. Choose weekdays to weekends to go jogging.