Top 10 Destinations Erasmus Europe

Currently, more and more young people decide to go abroad to continue their study. This also allows to discover a whole new world, a culture apart from that you have experienced in your home country. In order to enable students to improve their knowledge in a country of Europe, the Erasmus system grants scholarships to the most deserving people. Here are some destinations that will help you choose your next place of study.

Bologna in Italy, a popular destination

Discover the Italian culture starting to study at Bologna, it is a dream for many young students. The country of love and gastronomy is a country open to all who wish to learn its culture and its traditions. This would also be an opportunity for you to learn the Italian language. Bologna is a charming place at night or you can meet many students from all over the world.

Lisbon affordable life

The capital of Portugal is also a great city to go study. Not only life is more affordable, but it also offers many job opportunities. Come find your roommates Bairro Alto in the evening for a small glass and various discussions.

The London city and its major universities

England for quite a few years has won the hearts of students looking for a good university. London, the capital city is home to several thousand young people divided into the few universities in the city. Continue your studies in this city will surely please you.

Madrid, the Spanish city

If you like the atmosphere supercharged evening, you are at right place. Reconciling distractions and studies seems so easy for young people went to study in Madrid. You learn at the same time the history of the city and why not the country.

Paris, the French capital

Paris unquestionably remains the most infatuated city students. The City Light is the perfect place to study and soak up the charm of the country. It remains the busiest city by the students, and this for very long. Welcome to Paris!

Thèque republic, a new destination

Since joining the European Union, the Thèque Republic became a student destination open to all young people. Prague, the capital, has countless universities that can accommodate you. If you want an easy life, meeting in Prague.

Slovenia, a multidisciplinary countries

The Slovenian universities offer students in many disciplines such as music, art, economics or law. You're spoiled for choice as to the material you want to learn. In addition, you can taste a generous kitchen by choosing to study in this country.

Destination; Sweden !

very popular destination for French students for years, Sweden has gradually opened to the world. One of the reasons why young people choose the country is the simplicity of instruction. Take the opportunity to become familiar with the Swedish people.

Belgium, the neighbor of France

Even if Belgium is close to France, student migration remains lean. However, Belgium has many strengths and renowned universities. You will have the chance to follow the condensed course, but effective.

Danish Universities

Denmark is part of student fashionable destinations. The number of students continues to flow for about ten years. Danish universities also have better campus throughout Europe.