Top 10 destinations in Brazil.


Brazil is the destination of the travel aficionados. Between paradise beaches, sun, electric atmosphere, the slogan of this country, it's party first. We have found for you 10 essential places of this country with a thousand colors.

1 . Rio de Janeiro the capital is the first destination of the country. Among others thanks to its world famous Carnival, and its O Cristo Redentor, Christ the Redeemer, which overlooks the city from Mount Corcovado. Until the spotlight around the world are trained on it for the 2016 Olympics, come and discover a city full of history, pulsating with music and dance.

2 . Sao Paulo: is the largest city in South America. With its 10 million inhabitants that real anthill offers a cosmopolitan culture rich flavor. The kitchens are grouped around the world, in every small neighborhood restaurant, to offer you an unrivaled choice. And if you want to perfect your culture, management museums to enjoy the remarkable collections that the city offers.

3 . Salvador the former capital of Brazil is famous for its taste for dance, especially capoera, traditional dance of the region. At every street corner you can admire the architecture of the seventeenth century African accents. Nicknamed the Capital of Joy, it produces the largest carnival in Brazil. In Salvador, the nights are short ...

4 . Florianopolis: has been designed by the Brazilians as the city where it is best to live in Brazil. Green spaces mingle with colonial fortresses of the sixteenth century. For surfing enthusiasts, you will find the best waves of the country. And not to be missed, seafood, incomparable taste.

5 . Foz de Iguacu: world heritage of UNESCO, the Iguacu park, which is the border between Argentina and Brazil is home to howler monkeys, ocelots, giant anteaters, but also jaguars threatened with extinction. With the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, you can cross on foot or kayak. And if you have a little luck you can experience the rainbow permanent -ciel.

6 . Buzios: With more than 20 tracks to his credit, Buzio, is the perfect place for those who want to set foot in the sand without worrying about the rest. This destination attracts elite travelers, thanks to its world-class art galleries, clubs, and luxury boutiques. This is the St. Tropez of Brazil!

7 . Jericaocara: if you like the seaside towns worthy of a postcard, an hour ride on rough roads Jericaocara is for you! Between kitesurfing, windsurfing or long nights of lazing on the beach this city is full of mystery and unexpected. She captivate you in his own way.

8 . Manaus: is a unique place in the world: simply make a trip into the rainforest in the morning and evening museum, and you'll be hooked. This city offers a string of activities, with its nature excursions or gastronomy.

9 . Curitiba: One thing not to miss in Curitiba is its Botanical Garden, one of the most popular places for tourists. It's the return of Alice in Wonderland, with its flowers in shimmering colors, water ponds, long trails. This fragrant stroll will lead you to the Parque Estadual de Vila Velha and Parque Tangua. To finish your day rush to the Arame opera, where you will surely enjoy the sweet hours like a melody ...

10 Gramado: . the town of Gramado is a store of surprises, with its pine forest surrounding the Lago Negro. You will find in the city center Tibetan Buddhist temple Chagdud Gonpa Khadro Ling, who will travel again outside Brazil. If you have children go to Mini Mundo, a miniature park where stand tiny replicas of major monuments.