Top 10 Cappadocia


ride in Cappadocia, 10 essentials:

1 - The Goreme Valley: with its famous fairy chimneys and cave dwellings, is the valley who knows the most successful in Cappadocia. The scenic beauty is as strange unique. A group classified by Unesco.

2 - The rock museum of Goreme: protected by a national park, the Goreme valley also serves open air museum with its many rock churches and magnificent Byzantine frescoes.

3 - Uchisar: another site emblematic of the unique landscapes of Cappadocia, the city is dominated by a rock cave dwellings dug and a fortress, labyrinth underground!

4 - urgup: this small city Cappadocia can be a starting base for enjoyable exploration of the region; it is itself not without interest, with its Byzantine necropolis on the cliff side ...

5 - Avanos: another step must, where you will also enjoy staying; cave dwellings, a subterranean city, the cliches of Cappadocia are present, to which a traditional specialty is added, pottery.

6 - Hiking through Cappadocia: what better way to discover all the beauties of the region to follow a walking route through the valleys? Surely not round trips by car!

7 - Underground Cappadocia cited: share an experience than visiting these cities dug in the heart of the rock! If Derinkuyu is the largest, Kaymakl─▒ is the one that scores the most minds ...

8 - The Valley of Love: nicely named because of the suggestive shape of its fairy chimneys, this valley is another memorable journey of Cappadocia, a little away from mass tourism.

9 - Nev┼čehir: is a little big city in the region, where many visitors ask their suitcases. Become very touristy, the city does not lack of interest, deserving a stop.

10 - Ankara: discrete capital remains an interesting step to discover the contemporary Turkey, well located on the road to Cappadocia.