Superb Mediterranean cruise


It's the holidays and you need to break the daily routine, a change of scenery and discover several cultures at once. You do not want to drive or do and redo your bags every time to change hotels, to see more of it? What to do ? It's easy ! Book without further delay your cruise in the Mediterranean

Discover the charm of the Mediterranean Sea between three continents, a beautiful landscape combining a beach with clear waters lined with soft sand. Discover the Sicilian islands unique charm before made a stop at the famous Egyptian Nile and from which to explore the picturesque pyramids, a chance to discover one of the most renowned civilization. Your cruise will be under different themes, relaxation, culture, water activities and even food tasting, everyone will be satisfied during your adventure to the shores of the Mediterranean.

All port regions will have no secret for you. Barcelona where can enjoy a good plate of tapas at a reasonable price to the rhythms of Flamenco, in Venice for a little one on one ride to the heart of the island of love. Explore the harbor of Sardinia before spending a sublime evening in one of the nightclubs of Ibiza then schedule a session of hot stone massages at the edge of the Balearic Islands in Spain.

Between Athens, Rome, the Canary Islands, the Greek monuments, the pizza of Naples, swimming in Nice, the gondolas of Venice, prehistoric buildings of Istanbul, the ride in the hollow of luxurious buildings Dubai, the tasty delights aroma of coffee in Tunisia, Bari, Cap, Maltes, Tripoli, Lebanon and many other famous destinations to explore, cruise off the Mediterranean will be an extraordinary adventure, sensational moments that will remain forever etched in your memory.