Flamenco Course in Madrid


If you are a dance enthusiast and want to move your whole body and vibrate to the rhythms of beautiful music, the main destination Madrid, to complete an internship of Flamenco, the legendary folk dancing Andalusian. First, to familiarize yourself with this beautiful waltz you have to direct you to a tablao to attend a traditional show, while enjoying a glass of wine, or even dining. This first experience is the introduction to this wonderful world of clapping and feet to the sounds of the Flemish music. Several addresses can welcome you during your stay in Madrid, go for the Corral de la Moreria, the best destination in the world to learn Flamenco, you can go to Casa Patas, or you can attend the finest shows before joining floor above, or is one of the greatest flamenco schools to track your progress. You will also have the chance to attend the coffee of Chinitas, already visited by former US President Bill Klinton or even the famous Egyptian actor Omar Sharif. There is certainly not the tablaos or you can learn the basics of Flamenco, there ales bars of Madrid also ensure that each day until six in the morning. One of the most coveted destinations is probably Candela or Soléa or you'll get all sorts of improvisations by dancers and singers an opportunity to know all the tricks allowing you to perfect your Flamenco. A little further, nestle, different schools of traditional dance of Madrid, like the Centro Amor de Dios, or el Horno. You will have the chance to be taught and guided by leading industry professionals, an opportunity not to be missed, at very affordable prices. You will finally be able to fulfill your dream and become an ace of Flamenco during your stay in Madrid.