Sochi: prepare your winter Olympics

It is in Russia that will hold the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. A city that few know, trials which sometimes turn to the unusual, records and controversies in perspective, Sochi promises to be one of the major events of the year.

Of course, the Winter Olympics are less noise than the summer Olympics: fewer participants, fewer countries, often less charismatic sports, etc ... However, the Winter Olympics will take place as every 4 years, so for fans and the curious, this remains an event not to be missed. Summary 5 points:

1. But where Sochi is?

A question that immediately stands out. We know that Russia is vast, and for those who are familiar with the country, there is a good chance that Sochi is an obscure destination lost nowhere in the Russian vastness ...

In Russia and the former Soviet Union, by contrast, Sochi is a major destination of seaside tourism. The situation is appealing indeed: on the shores of the Black Sea in the Caucasus region (so far south of Russia) Sochi is a beautiful resort that has developed in the twentieth century, the increasing popularity of sea bathing. And the sub-tropical climate very mild in the region is great!

But wait ... we are talking of the Winter Olympics? And yes, for where Sochi stands out even more is its proximity to the snow-capped mountains rising in the background)! Twice the ski resort of a resort, this is not common!

The downside? Work titanic planning for the Olympics have changed mercilessly number of natural sites previously well preserved Sochi ...

2. Sochi, how to get there?

The station looks like being a rather attractive destination ... but the Caucasus is not no next door! So, it is the plane, the less ecological means of transport, which remains the most practical solution to rally the Olympic city.

Sochi has an airport served by flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Istanbul to keep only the destinations easily accessible from France. We must plan the cost of the ticket. Then shuttles links allow to reach the Olympic venues.

For example, count from 450 € a / r from Paris with a stopover in Moscow.

-The Sochi airport website: target="_blank">

Sochi is also connected by train. Count still up to 30-hour trip from Moscow ... Only for those time before them, and combining OJ trip to Russia. For that matter, it is possible to rally Russia directly by train from several European capitals, Berlin, Budapest, Sofia ...

-The website of Russian Railways: < / a>

More anecdotal, but you never know, Sochi is regularly connected by ship to Novorossiisk (Russia) and Trebizond on the north coast of Turkey: crossing the Black Sea must be nice
! (It is essential to be in possession of a visa, a ticket and a spectator Passport to participate in the Olympics in Sochi. See below.)

3. Olympic disciplines of the Winter Olympics

By the way, what do we see in terms Athlete during the Winter Olympics? If some fields are well known, others remain more mysterious. Quick overview: