Going out in Paris in January. Top events in January in Paris


The year has just begun. Tired of the parties, we do not immediately think to recover to go out partying or browse beautiful exhibitions of the moment. It is wrong because Paris is a feast, even in January and opportunities to enjoy the cultural richness of the city abound. A brief overview of this month of January 2016.

January 1st and parade

New Year's Day in Paris, it's time to party. There revelers at midnight on the Champs Elysees. In the afternoon, it's a huge parade down the Avenue the most famous in the world.


At the highlight of January, balances open on January 6 at 8:00 in the larger stores. This is the opening that makes perfect business then the time is not running out.

The crossing of Paris

The crossing of Paris is a great film but also a demonstration on 10th of the month where you can see 500 old cars and motorcycles through the streets of Paris.

Fashion Week

Interested in Fashion? You want to see models in the streets of Paris? Fashion Week last week of the month is the perfect time to dream about the greatest designers.

The Grand Prix of America

The Grand Prix of America at the Hippodrome de Vincennes, is the trotting race run most watched and most played in the world. The opportunity for a great show at the end of January.

St Jacques shell's The Feast of Cotes d'Armor

Montmartre partied and shows she loves high quality products. This is the case with many events that run from the shell St Jacques.

Splendours and Miseries Exhibition

Ends in January an exhibition at the Musée d'Orsay on prostitution seen through painting. It brings together many renowned painters who all treated at some time this theme. Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas and Manet are among the most prestigious guests.

Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun Exhibition at the Grand Palais

The wonderful speaker that represents the Grand Palais exhibition about Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun whose precocious talent earned him great fame to the XIX & deg; and XIX & deg; century.


Until the very end of January stands Osiris exhibition at the Institut du Monde Arabe. There is presented a wonderful collection of items dating from the Egyptian period. Everything is highlighted in the beautiful setting of the Institute.

The Warhol exhibit

Andy Warhol exhibition is always a great event and of the Museum of Modern Art is not left with the highlighting of more than 200 works of the artist, during a full retrospective.

Picasso Mania

Picasso continues to turn heads today. The value of these paintings, the eclecticism of his art, the media coverage of his image made him a living icon of Art. He inspired many other artists who pay homage in this exhibition at the Grand Palais.

Zaz in Olympia

Zaz back on stage and especially on the mythical scene of Olympia to sing her latest album tribute to Paris.

David Guetta

David Guetta is undoubtedly a global star, playing in the biggest clubs and at the most prestigious guests. DJ extraordinary, he returned to Paris in the heart of a completely renovated Bercy for an evening of January 27 unforgettable

The show Enfoirés

Dumbs make their annual show at Bercy from 20 to 25 January. This is the perfect opportunity to find many artists gathered on stage together. A great time in a staging always worked.

30 years of music Rai

The music came from Oran in Algeria celebrates 30 years in France. For this, a concert ranging from 26 to 29 January together the biggest names in the scene Rai with the presence of 50 guests.