Skiing in February: good to know before booking your stay

The ski season lasts roughly mode December month when most stations open their doors for good, until March-April when at spring, the snow begins to melt and the tracks are more practicable.

Between the two, the month of February, a priori, the month most conducive to the practice of winter sports we are well into the winter which means heavy snow, there are school holidays to go with the whole family, and the entertainment in the resorts full swing.

It is therefore logically the high season, with all the constraints that it also engenders. Tips to prepare your skiing holidays in February:

February or full skiing

The fact that February corresponds to the peak season is definitely a factor to consider. For many families in particular, it is not always possible to ask his departure dates as desired, making the winter school holidays the right time to leave.

Those who enjoy more freedom of movement will do well to stagger their stay compared to February vacation, true peak in the stations. This means:

Travel Ski -Of more expensive overall.

-The packages are more expensive in high season.

-Of accommodations that are full, rising prices and less choice.

-Of transport (train, flights) more expensive also. possibly jams ...

This is not to draw a blackboard in February, but better go prepare. As we have said, in February also provides excellent snow and the world, so the animation in the stations ... and it is still very nice!

Plan your ski stay ahead

To address problems related to the high season, there are not thirty-six solutions: as always when preparing a trip, the more we do it in advance, and better

And when we say in advance, so go frankly the ski trips are on sale as of November, sometimes even before then as reserve at that time, prices are more interesting. It is possible to opt for various formulas, a week skiing with family in February, a weekend for two at a resort in the Alps, a traditional rental cottage or apartment in residence equipped ...

Cheaper, more choice, book a stay in advance Also worth in terms of transport: cheap flights, train tickets in promo ... And while you're at it, as all prepare a draft: online, you can book your ski equipment remotely, and many stations also sell their packages directly on the internet !

Once the month of February arrived, you leave trimmed, it'll just ski on arrival.

The departures last minute

Alternatively, do quite the opposite, and opt for the unexpected departure last minute. Both say right away: it's much more risky than prepare skiing stay ahead because it does not say that you find what you need to go in high season ...

However, some prefer to leave this way, and keep the surprise on ski destination! Indeed, keeping an eye on the Internet and travel agency sites, you will find a variety of last minute holidays sold off at lower prices. Promos and discounts that give the mouth water compared to the base price.

To take advantage, we must remain attentive and daily search offers. It must also be free to go, because we do not usually chooses his departure dates with the last minute! Last, not a detail, it is also not always choose his destination, because this type of offer is created by filling each resort and hotel-residence ... the opportunity to perhaps discover new tracks!

where to go skiing in February?

Destination, let's talk. In France, we have the chance not to miss winter sports resorts! In February, all massive received enough snow, which further opens the options!

-The Alps: Savoyard with major resorts, this is where skiing is the best, it is also here that there are the most people .

-The Southern Alps: a little less crowded, beautiful ski areas and several popular resorts and lively .

-The Pyrenees: a splendid massive and very pleasant resorts, festive or family choice .

-The Jura: less suitable for downhill skiing, but some beautiful resorts for any type of slides .

-The Vosges: beautiful scenery, friendly small stations and a pleasant ambience .

-The Massif Central: no giant fields here, but the quality of skiing, downhill and cross country skiing including .