Skiing in Europe: destinations?

In France, we are spoiled for skiing and winter sports of all kinds: with beautiful altitude ranges such as the Alps or the Pyrenees, where quality ski resorts are common, and pretty massive themselves as open to skiing with the Jura, the Vosges and Massif Central is plenty to choose from for a winter stay. But for those who want to change horizons and go skiing in Europe, the solutions are not lacking ...

gleaming resorts in the Swiss Alps to inexpensive resorts more to the east, Bulgaria, in Europe there are all kinds of ski destinations, the classic to the most original stay off the beaten path.

A short guide to go skiing while exotic:

- Switzerland

Voisine of France, the most easily accessible destination: some stations of the Valais even share their area with French stations. Valais therefore, Graub√ľnden and the Bernese Oberland are so many destinations of choice. And of course, high-end ski resorts abound: Zermatt, Gstaad, Davos, St. Moritz, etc ... A slip of the highest quality, but reserved for solid budgets !

- Italy

Again, the journey to be made is not insurmountable: cross the Alps, and there you are! Heavy snow, equipment level, prices equivalent to those in France, but with this little Italian accent makes its charm to the stations. Whether one is rather Val Gardena, pretty resort in the Dolomites, or Sestriere, sportier and forward its beautiful grounds, there is something for everyone.

- Spain

We end the tour of neighboring countries of France with Spain. The Spanish Pyrenees have several nice resorts, and especially more affordable price level: lodging, restaurants, etc ... this is the case of Formigal, Spain's largest resort. In a most unusual book, why not try Andalusia, with the national park resort of Sierra Nevada preserved landscapes, trails and southern sun are scheduled .

- Andorra:

The small principality Pyrenean comes alive throughout the winter for the ski season, with strong attendance from December to February. In addition to the tax-free products, Andorra offers good skiing, well-equipped stations, easily accessible, with an offer of lodging wide and varied, as is the case at Grandvalira and Vallnord.

- Austria

In Austria, skiing is part of the culture. No wonder with this territory crossed by the Alps, where diners enjoy the scenery of the most sumptuous of the Alps: Tyrol Country Salzburg, Vorarlberg ... In these areas, Austria has stations in number ( more than 800) and with excellent infrastructure, in the image of St Anton am Arlberg or Zell am See. A real pleasure, which currency against euro sounding and stumbling.

- Slovenia

A small area in the country, but that does not lack in height. Often forgotten tourist routes, Slovenia, however, is emerging as an excellent ski destination: after all, it is the national sport here! In the Slovenian Alps, we thus find a dozen human-sized stations and more family atmosphere, but also less expensive than in the Austrian and Italian neighbors. Kranjska Gora, the most popular station in the country or the pretty Krvavec are a good start.

- Bulgaria

A destination that goes: good snow on the mountains in winter, beautiful scenery, few satisfactory resorts (Borovets and Bansko are the best known), but above all, prices that are unbeatable! Yes, Bulgaria is positioned as the low cost ski destination in Europe: restaurants, hotels, packages ... everything is much cheaper than in France, so why not take a flight to Sofia and test the ski in Bulgaria

- Norway

Norway can put off at first for two main reasons: the first budget because the country is one of the most expensive in Europe, the climate then, because winters are harsh in these northern latitudes .. . Cenpendant, gliding lovers will be well rewarded by the beautiful scenery and the quality of the snow, with stations such as Tryvann or Hemsedal. Why not wait for spring to warmer weather?

- Greece

It is believed more to Greece when we want from basking in the sun in summer, but the country, mostly mountainous, has about a dozen ski resorts. From the end of December, the snow is waiting for you in the Peloponnese, Attica and Greece mainland ... Easily accessible from Athens include and Kalavryta, the most famous of the Hellenic stations and Mount Parnassus ... (Parnassos), the most popular.