Skiing this winter from his computer

It's winter, snow falls in large flakes on the mountains, just now, you do not have vacation and not a round to go skiing in the beautiful resorts in the Alps or the Pyrenees. .. Always better than nothing, is now an ersatz: the slopes on the internet .

You already spend the summer stroll beside the Copa Cabana beaches, and in the fall to discover every street of New York, all from your desktop with Street View . Well the powerful Californian company takes you on vacation again this winter. Skiing

You may have crossed previously had in your street these odd cars species over-equipped cameras mounted on the roof, to do three times around your neighborhood: it is the Google mobile (call them that), which were used to set up Google Street View.

'' street view '' which is also available in '' Snow View '', since it is this time of snowmobiles bristling with electronic equipment that have come down the slopes of a dozen French stations in Alps and Pyrenees .

Result: you virtually browse tracks in several areas , on the same principles as Google Street View. The advantage? Rather limited it is true ... say that one can always recognize the ground before departure or return, nostalgic, on his own tracks after the holidays. And just simulate ski holidays for those who do not know how to look.

On PC, tablet or smartphone, small recap of the ski areas to hit virtually

In the Alps

  • Chamonix
  • Les Deux Alpes
  • Valfréjus
  • Isola 2000
  • Auron
  • St. DalmasLe Selvage

    In the Pyrenees:

    • Ax 3 Domaines
    • Gavarnie
    • Hautacam
    • Luchon-Superbagnères
    • Angles
    • Font Romeu

      Note also that Google Street View also combed plusiuers stations to United States , Swiss and Austria ...