Skiing with her child clubs, classes, levels

skiing every winter is a pleasure shared by many vacationers. friendly and fun activity, skiing is practiced solo, with friends, but also a lot as a family. But before knowing slide down a track, as green as it is, children must first learn skiing: here begins learning !

To learn to ski to his children, there is no one answer: either the parents are in charge, or the latter entrust their children to a ski school. In first time, learning can also result from a mix of the two: every other day at school, 2 hours in the day, the other family on easy terrain ...

The general view, entrusting her children to ski school is best: pathways and progression adapted, experience, professionalism, but also rewards! Who does not remember his first star? What is important: Keep the playful side of the ski and instructors are there for that .

In France, it is not complicated, please contact the ESF, the French ski school, which will perfectly frame the progression of small skiers. The ESF is present everywhere in the French mountains: the Alps North and South, the Vosges and the Jura, Massif Central and the Pyrenees. All ESF schools are listed on its website: . In total, there are about 250 official ski schools in France, as saying that this is not a rare commodity, far from it!

A gradual introduction to skiing allows children from 3 years old to attend ski lessons, they are private or collective. Group lessons, homogeneous in terms of level, allow children to enjoy the effect of group and make friends, under the leadership of a now famous instructor / counselor in red suit.

Of course, the beginnings are sometimes difficult: crying, fear of slipping, to be left with the group ... but those first little annoyances are quickly overwhelmed with the first activities. However, small 3-4 years often follow the course of a half-day (one session morning or afternoon), while from 5 years, the rate may intensify with two sessions per day, morning and afternoon.

So we climbed the ranks of beginners, officially awarded by the ESF: Club Piou Piou novice and rewards the first week of learning. Then comes the Pooh, the Snowflake, and the Stars: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Star, Bronze Star and finally Gold Star! Each step is a test with the monitor: a technical step is crossed. Small skiers appropriated solid ski bases and venturing more easily on the slopes with their parents ... until they no longer need them!