Off piste: attention danger

seasoned skier will tell you: difficult to match the pleasures of slipping off the track! This is the only way to ski beyond a landscaped environment, closer to nature through mountain scenery stunning!

The pleasures of backcountry

If the off-piste skiing is not an activity accessible to everyone, it remains a legal practice that asks everyone to take responsibility facing the risk. This is indeed hurtling ungroomed slopes covered with virgin powder, a treat for lovers of the mountain.

Of course, off piste skiing requires a big technical level and an ability to read a snowy landscape to achieve the purpose of the ride. A heady feeling, but also a personal ordeal that should not be taken lightly!

The dangers of backcountry

Unlike a perfectly prepared track for downhill skiers, off-track has many dangers, which you must be aware before starting.

So the mountain terrain is littered with obstacles and traps need to know or learn early: rocks, trees, holes, crevices or in towering peaks, sometimes hidden by snow ... for the snowpack is paramount given when skiing off-piste: the latter he is stable, thick, old. In two words: what is the quality of the snow which starts ?

The avalanche risk is the first that comes to mind, and it is real. Every year, skiers are stranded by an avalanche, and unfortunately, is not always emerge unscathed, or alive ...

Because we thus addresses another problem of off-piste: difficulty for emergency intervention in remote areas and lack of communication to alert. Another factor to take into account the weather: caught in the fog, or storm, it's easy to get lost by the off-track .

Off piste: limiting the risks

It is therefore not not launch blindly into a track out of session. To reduce the risk, it is important to know the field, study its route, have the mountain experience and of course be sure of its skier abilities.

Security equipment can be of great help in case of problems: be equipped with a detection beacon, shovel and other tools to clear. A helmet and back protection are not too many. Finally, do not follow in the footsteps of other skiers in the snow, not a secure route warranty.

So to ski off-piste, it is recommended from several. Always keep a safe distance between skiers, however, to limit the weakening of the snowpack. To ski safely off track, the best is to entrust the excursion to a mountain guide: Many resorts offer trips accompanied off track history to discover the joys of this practice while limiting the risks to the maximum !