Skiing and winter sports resorts of the Pyrenees Orientales

After the Alps, the Pyrenees are the second mountain range of France, has a massive number of quality ski resorts, but sometimes unjustly overlooked. This is the case nomtamment in the Pyrenees-Orientales department mountain on the border with Spain, with its area of ​​Catalan Snows which includes no less than 8 ski areas ...

The field of Catalan Snows and its stations

A vast area that deserves to be better known, the ski area Neiges Catalanes includes 8 fields, distributed at elevations between 1,500 and 2,500 m, and extends to the Haut-Conflent Cerdagne and Capcir ( for those familiar with the area). The possibilities are immense slides: 172 ski runs, 89 ski lifts, 230 km of downhill skiing, 1220 snow cannons, 420 km of Nordic skiing ,, 9 snow parks, 15 ski schools ... interesting figures showing the attait Neiges Catalanes for both '' 'pros'' skiing for beginners.

Catalan Snows is eight areas in total: Font-Romeu / Pyrenees 2000 Porte-Puymorens, Espace Cambre d'Aze (Eyne and Saint Pierredels Forcats) Puyvalador, La Quillane Les Angles and Formigueres , we invite you to discover.

To make you a better idea ski vacation opportunities in the Pyrenees-Orientales, go to discover the Catalan stations, to study in detail:

Font-Romeu 2000

Font-Romeu Pyrénées 2000 is nestled in the natural park of the Catalan Pyrenees. It is among the most famous winter sports resorts of the massif for the quality of its ski area and modern amenities. Added to this is the beautiful mountain landscape, serves as scenery to the slopes of the ... nature is preserved, the mountain air is the greatest good, while Font-Romeu Pyrénées 2000 enjoys an atmosphere nice and quite friendly: as they say here, a '' whole southern atmosphere '!
The plant is designed so that all skiers of all levels find their account: the northern slopes offer runs sacred, the new black slope Giralt, the snowpark quality is widely recognized for surfers and lovers of skiing, the giant slalom FIS and FFS approved, in short radius sensations, it is served. The youngest and still hesitant beginner on skis go on green runs and learning areas children (Play area of ​​20 ha) to try their hand. So much for downhill skiing, but do not forget the Nordic skiing: Font-Romeu Pyrénées 2000 is equipped with 110 km of slopes, the first site of its kind Pyrenean! A hike in skiing, the ideal way to explore the natural areas that surround the resort!
In summary, a dynamic resort, pleasant, and offering a host of activities.
Examples of Font-Romeu Pyrénées 2000 packages:
-Package 1 day: Full price 35 € - reduced Price 30 €
-Package 3 days Full price 102 € - reduced price € 87
-Package 6 days: Full price € 180 - € 155 reduced
-Package season: Full price 470 € - reduced price € 367
Font-Romeu Pyrenees 2000 station description:
-Altitude 1700 -2213 m
-43 km of skiing slopes
-43 tracks (15 green, 10 blue, 9 red, 9 black) < br /> - 111 km of Nordic trails
-22 marked routes (7 green, 10 blue, 5 red)
-Equipment: Snowpark, playgrounds, sledding, ski school, slalom. ..
Font-Romeu / Pyrénées 2000 w

Espace Cambre d'Aze (Eyne, Saint-Pierre-dels-Forcats)

These are actually two stations that make up the Espace Cambre d'Aze Eyne and Saint-Pierre-dels-Forcats. These two belong together, sharing the same mass, which allows two small stations to have a broad area, overlooked by the wonderful circus Cambre d'Aze: the highlands, beautiful landscapes s' add to the pleasure of skiing amid the mountain pines. In total, the Espace Cambre d'Aze offers 25 slopes for all levels, is 35km of skiing.
The resort has its sights, including the track of Casting Fontfrède and bumps, as lovers powder in the region are good, and the ski lift Les Mattocks, a lift leading to two people at once after him ... Besides skiing, Eyne and Saint-Pierre-dels-Forcats maintained a friendly village life and a family atmosphere and authentic giving a special flavor to stay ...
Sample packages Espace Cambre d'Aze:
-Package 1 day: Full price € 28.50 - reduced price 22 €
-Package 6 days: Full price € 145 - € 109 reduced
-Package season: Full price 340 € - reduced price € 210
domain < strong> Espace Cambre d'Aze in detail:
-Altitude 1640 -2400 m
-21 trails for all levels (9 green, 3 blue, 7 red, 2 black )
-Equipment: snowpark, beginners area, toboggan, ski schools ...
Espace Cambre d'Aze Eyne
& Saint-Pierre dels For

cats < br />


We are here not far from Andorra, the borders of the Ariege, but still in the Pyrenees-Orientales. Worn-Puymorens is firstly to resort in the Pyrenees famous '' extreme '' for its carved reliefs, it is sometimes compared to the resorts in the Alps ... anyway, the station is the highest in the area of ​​Catalan Snows, peaking at 2500 meters at the arrival of chairlift and ski lift Mine Grand Fontfrède (recently opened).
domain Worn-Puymorens has features more respectable, with 32 slopes for all levels, but also to all tastes, packed snow, powder ... all totals no less than 45 kilometers of slopes, so indulge his passion for skiing time for a skiing holiday. The 900 meters of altitude area are not so common it in the Pyrenees, another asset of Porte-Puymorens, sporty resort first. A dimension that is found with the many resort amenities, including a large snow park 500 meters long, and constant developments designed for both experienced skiers and beginners.
Sample packages Porte-Puymorens:
-Package 1 day: Adults € 29 - Children € 22 - € 25 Students
-Package 2 days: Adults € 54 - children 40 € - 44 € Students
-Package family: € 90 (2 adults + 2 children)
domain Porte-Puymorens in detail:
- altitude 1600 2500 m
-45 km of slopes
-31 tracks (Green 9, 9 blue, 8 red, 5 black)
Nordic -Espace (20 hectares)
-Equipment : snow parks, marked trails snowshoes, boardercross, ski schools ...


Located on the edge of the Aude department, the capcinoise station, thanks to its geographic exposure, often enjoys excellent snow conditions. On 46 hectares of unspoilt nature and a natural wooded space station dominated by the Serre de Maury and the site Camporells knew breathe, from its inception, a friendly atmosphere and especially keep its vocation of family welcome. 22 km to tracks (17 tracks) for a height difference of more than 600 m offering ski for all.

The resort, with its different spaces (snowpark, boardercross, freestyle space, track bumps & hellip;) has continued to evolve and attracting more and more followers of new snow. By taking the chairlift Calmazeille and Serre Maury, lovers of nature and the great outdoors can reach the site listed Camporells, the essential spot for ski touring in the Catalan Pyrenees. And at the foot of the station, lies the village has created some momentum while preserving its authenticity.
Examples of Formiguères packages:
-Package 1 day: Adults € 29 - € 25 Reduced - € 22 Children
-Package 6 days + 7th free: Adults 150 € - Reduces € 125 - € 105 children
-Package family: € 92 (2 adults + 2 children)
domain Formiguères in detail:
-Altitude 1500 -2400 m
-17 tracks (3 green, 7 blue, 6 red, 1 black)
Nordic -Espace (20 hectares)
-Equipment: boarder motocross, freestyle area, marked trails snowshoe beginners area, ski schools ...

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Les Angles

Other well-known resort in the Pyrenees, Les Angles enjoys a privileged location on the slopes. Five entries on the ski slopes, snow cannons ready to spray a good quality snow, the station has the equipment and technology needed for good modern resort, while retaining its village atmosphere. Among the advantages of the resort, the SkiCard Les Angles, support for access to the lifts online rechargeable card, iPhone, Smartphone, and reusable at will for any kind of package. A handy innovation!
The main advantage of the Angles, it is the snow sports offered by the resort. The area totals 44 tracks, all colors, for all levels of skiing! This represents no less than 55 kilometers from slipping, something to occupy some beautiful days on the slopes ... before joining the town via the trail of Llaret, a green, which can descend on skis. And enjoy the excitement of the resort after nightfall
Sample packages Angles:
-Package 1 day: Adults € 35 - € 31 Reduced!
-Package 2 days: Adults € 68 - € 60 Reduced
-Package 6 days: Adults € 175 - € 155 Reduced
domain Les Angles in detail:
-Altitude 1600 -2400 m
-55 km of slopes
-44 runs (13 green, 9 blue, 14 red, black 8)
-36 km of Nordic trails
-Equipment: snow park, ski school, snowshoeing, sledding ...

the Angles


On the border with the department of Aude, bordering the Capdir, a small resort that deserves to be better known! Puyvalador ski area has a quite respectable, totaling 19 tracks. Happy family, the resort is designed specifically to younger and beginners who will appreciate to gain confidence in the field of access tracks facilies. From relaxed skiing sum
But the possibilities of Puyvalador did not stop there: The resort has an excellent space free ride that experienced skiers will be eager to slide down! The valleys of Ginevre form a secure site (caution anyway!), Allowing the practice of off-piste on good untracked powder all passing ... a real pleasure. Puyvalador, it's like all these pyrnéennes stations, a natural decoration of any splendor; we are talking of views from the slopes of majestic sites such as Lake Puyvalador, the Canigou, Cambre d'Aze and Madres ... A station claiming the '' ski Nature '!
Examples of Puyvalador-Rieutort packages:
-Package 1 day: Adults € 27 - € 22 Reduced - € 19 Children
-Package 6 days + 1 free: Adults € 130 - Reduces € 105 - € 90 Children
Puyvalador-Rieutort area in detail:
-Altitude 1700 -2400 m
-32 km of slopes
-19 tracks (6 green, 4 blue, 7 red, 2 black)
-Equipment: dog sledding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snow kiting ...

The Quillane

A small station, even the smallest domain Neiges Catalanes The Quillane is located in the town of La Llagonne, the neck of the Quillane. Here we are far from large areas and crowds of skiers stations '' stars '' in the Pyrenees. Quillane is confidential and reserved for beginners: 4 easy access tracks with low altitude, ideal for an introduction to skiing and taste his first thrills and chills
other words, a 100% family resort. as evidenced vacationers the Quillane and tranquil atmosphere of this small Catalan resort ...
Sample packages Quillane:
-Package 1 day: Adults 21 € - 19 € Reduces
domain Quillane in detail:
-Altitude 1500 -1900 m
-4 runs (3 green, 1 blue)
Quillane < / a>

Nordic Space Capcir

We often talk too little ... Nordic skiing discipline which nevertheless has many followers, and could attract many more. And to get convancre, nothing like a trip on skis across the Nordic Space Capcir. We are always at the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees and their beautiful landscapes monatagnards: almost a sanctuary for nature lovers! The Nordic Space Capcir provides access to many winter sports, to change downhill skiing: cross country skiing classic or skating, walking, snowshoeing, Nordic walking, sledding, dog sledding, biathlon ..

In total, we are at 200 kilometers from Nordic ski trails spread over three sites, the domain-Llose Clavera, Quillane The field-Calvet and the field-Lladure The Curve-The Matte. The set is of the highest quality, as confirmed by the national label 4 Nordiques enjoyed Space Capcir Nordic
Sample packages Nordic Space Capcir:
-. Package 1 day: adults € 9.50 - € Reduced 5
-Pass family (2 adults + 2 children): 24 €
the Nordic Space Capcir area in detail:
< / strong> -Altitude 1500 -1900 m
-190 km tracks (2 green, 5 blue, red 4)
-5 marked Nordic trails (skiing, rackets)
-8 snowshoe trails and free
-Equipment: play areas, dog sled
Nordic Space Capcir

Convenient: the Catalan stations, directions ?

-Motorway A9, outputs Perpignan Nord / Perpignan South / Le Boulou
-Route N20 (by Puymorens tunnel )
-Route Départementale 900
-Route National 116

-Liaison Perpignan -Latour Carol
From the bus station and train station of Perpignan Latour de Carol / Enveitg
Road Perpignan station (Tel. +33 (0) 4 68 80 80 80)

direct -Liaisons Strasbourg -Perpignan
-TGV -Perpignan Lille from Lille Europe
-TGV Paris -Perpignan from Paris Gare de Lyon
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-Paris -Latour-de-Carol from Paris Austerlitz
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