Cross-country skiing in the Alps: the best resorts

Rhône Alpes

When we think of the Alps, it is primarily the vertiginous slopes, blue, red or black, for alpine skiing that come to mind. However, the beautiful areas of the Alps are also many suitable places for practicing another sport less ran skiing: cross country skiing and its various practices: skating, Nordic walking, etc ...

Only one of the many ski resorts of the Alps, to choose for cross-country skiing? To help you, here is a top of the best Nordic ski resorts in the Alps:

- Autrans

The first place most deserved for this legendary resort Nordic skiing: here, cross country skiing has become a tradition! Splendid landscapes and tracks, a culture of well-established discipline, everything comes together for a great stay.


- Champagny

A must for all skiing enthusiasts and backcountry: Champigny en Vanoise, with its picturesque villages, is the gateway to the Vanoise National Park, known for its trails and beautiful scenery.


- Les Contamines

We are at the foot of Mont Blanc, in a breathtaking setting. In addition to its 25 kilometers of trails for cross country skiing and 35 kilometers to the racket, the Contamines resort has great charm.


- Les Saisies

Moon major resorts in the Alps for all Nordic practitioners. A vast area dedicated nearly 120 kilometers of slopes for all levels, varied landscapes, in short, a big must.


- Megève

The popular resort is not just a place for skiers chic, it is also one of the most beautiful ski resorts of the Alps, and lovers of Nordic skiing are not left with many and varied tracks


- Pralognan la Vanoise

A key resort where you enjoy a family atmosphere, quieter than its two large neighbors, Courchevel and La Plagne. Deep in the Tarentaise Valley, the ski area ad of the highest quality.


- Crévoux

An ideal place for Nordic skiing: beautiful tracks in the heart of mountain landscapes massif Parpaillon, with a bonus a pretty village which has kept its authenticity .


- The Glières

The Nordic area Glières is, as its name suggests, entirely devoted to Nordic skiing. Slopes for all levels, various rides period as troubled, beautiful landscapes of forests and mountains, close to Annecy.


- Bessans

Mecca of biathlon in the Alps with its international stage, delight Bessans Nordic skiers, who are having a field day on more than 130 kilometers of slopes that make up this renowned resort.


- Savoie Grand Revard

An ideal resort for skiers of all kinds, used open spaces, forests, open sky, in short, any kind of pleasures offered by cross-country skiing. To discover.