Skiing in the Vosges: change air this winter

The Vosges are far from the largest mountain massif of France, remaining behind when the winter comes and the ski back on the front of the stage. Yet the altitudes of the Vosges mountains, although modest, do offer some nice tracks to hit ... and these landscapes are a delight for cross-country skiing!

The Vosges resorts to discover

Vosges massif has several winter sports resorts, and if the overall height and size of ski areas do not turn heads (especially compared Savoyard stations), the Vosges resorts are distinguished for their quiet family atmosphere, away from the madness of large seasonal winter destinations, stormed.
Gerardmer, La Bresse, Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle ... all these resorts offer interesting ski areas in good snow the heart of the season, but also relatively moderate prices, compared to other mountains ... a factor to consider, especially for many who goes skiing!

Other sports in the Vosges

In the Vosges, it is quite possible to practice downhill skiing: small stations massif are also particularly recommended for families and beginners in search of first sensations slips. Most skiers find some good tracks to hit ...
Besides downhill skiing, the skiing is honored in the Vosges, with beautiful circuits screwed through pleasant landscapes massive; Obviously, there are also attractive alternatives such as snowboarding, snowshoe hiking the, introduction to dog sledding and other activities out of the ordinary course
small stations. Vosges are without no doubt the ideal destination for a full week of skiing, but for shorter getaways, a day or a weekend on the slopes, or mix activities during the holidays, so do not hesitate to come to (re) discover this beautiful solid ...

Selection: 5 stations of the Vosges the microscope

La Bresse Hohneck (Vosges)

This is one of the most important resorts of the Vosges, located in the south of the massif. The area of ​​Bresse Hohneck spans over 200 hectares across the Vologne Valley.
Combining Bresse Hohneck and the Schlucht 40 tracks that are to be tested, including a black and 13 red for advanced skiers. Beginners and younger are not forgotten, green and blue, and the playful track '' Opoualand '' for children.
Cross-country skiing, sledding, snowboarding, boardercross ... what a pleasant change, especially in the immediate vicinity of La Bresse Hohneck are the resorts Lispach (Nordic skiing) and La Bresse Brabant ( family ...)
- the more the station. welcome families, with family packages 10% discount for the purchase of 4 packages and more. The station is also labeled 'Family Plus''.

  • La Bresse Hohneck detail:
  • Access: by car via La Bresse, train with the TGV (Remiremont Train Station and shuttles)
  • Day pass (high season): Adults € 28 / Children € 23.30 / € 26.60 Reduces
  • 6 day (high season): Adults € 142,20 / 117,60 € Children / Reduced 135 €
  • Website:

    Gerardmer-Ski (Vosges)

    Another unavoidable stations in the massive, always in the south. The total station Gerardmer 40km of slopes, including the longest of all the Vosges ...
    A total of 20 tracks, black and red for downhill enthusiasts, blue, green and beginner areas to make hand ... nocturnal tracks always find success. There are also a snow park, a slalom, boardercross and circuits for ski touring and snowshoeing ...
    Gerardmer attracts the world in season and as often in the Vosges, many families. Many activities are to live the resort during the winter, shows, torchlight descent, concerts ...
    - The More the resort: Another Vosges Station labeled 'Family Plus' ', with facilities and discounts for children ... the price packages reduced week.

    • detail Gerardmer Ski:
    • Access: by car or by train via Gerardmer then shuttles to the station
    • Day package (we / holidays): Adults € 25,20 / - 14 years 20,60 €
    • Multi-day package (we / holidays): Adults € 22,80 / - 14 years 19,20 €
    • Website:

      Red-grass and Ballon d'Alsace (Vosges)

      Red-Grass Station is located a dozen kilometers from Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle, in the Ballons des Vosges.
      Again, a small resort but complete: 11km of slopes, from black to green, all colors are represented ... so experienced skiers will find plenty to do for a while, while beginners and children receive special attention level of amenities and activities (eg the airboard or snakeboard ...).
      the Ballon d'Alsace station is distinguished primarily by its northern domain (Fond of the Hurt Locker), of kilometers of groomed trails for cross country skiing in the heart of the snowy landscapes of Alsace Balloons, a must for fans of the genre ...
      - the More the resort: the '' network '' stations Alsace Balloons where we practice many winter sports ...

      • Red-Turf / Ballon d'Alsace in detail:
      • Access: by car (Bussang, Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle), with the TGV Est (Remiremont Train Station and shuttles)
      • Package-day Red Grass: Adults € 19,50 / - 14 years 17 €
      • Day package Ballon d'Alsace: Adults € 6.10 / € 3.30 Young
      • Website:

        Lac Blanc (Haut-Rhin)

        We are this time in Alsace, about thirty kilometers from Colmar in the Kaysersberg valley: the Lac Blanc resort is not the best known resorts in the Vosges, it nonetheless has many arguments.
        The natural setting, first, is magnificent. We take full advantage with marked trails for snowshoeing and 77 kilometers of trails for cross country skiing ... some beautiful hikes! descent radius is a little limited, but the White Lake station has still 14km of ski runs, including a black and red number, but of course, blue and green.
        + station: Feature skiing and landscapes des Vosges, night on the ski runs .

        • White Lake in detail:
        • Access: by car or by train via Colmar and '' Snow Shuttles ''
        • Day pass (high season): Adults € 23 / student 21.50 € / - 14 years 20,50 €
        • 5 days package: Adults € 100 / student € 95 / - 14 years 90 €
        • Package Nordic ski day: Adults € 6.50 / € 12-16 years 2
        • Website:

          Brother Joseph Ventron (Vosges)

          A last resort of the Vosges for the road: Ventron. A small station, especially family, which includes 9 ski runs, suitable for younger and for beginners and ski school. The black and red runs are also part of the ...
          The field also includes three circuits rackets for snow hiking, three cross-country ski trails; Once again, each event is passable by all levels with beginner routes.
          + the station: small family resort with friendly environment

          • Ventron detail:
          • Access: by car
          • Day pass (high season): Adults € 22,50 / - 15 years 19 €
          • Package 3 days: Adults € 54,50 / - 15 years 44 €
          • Website: