Christmas Shopping in Paris


Christmas is coming! It's time for you to buy gifts or new clothes for the event. Paris is a city full of boutiques, shops of all kinds to do real shopping Christmas. It is also a rare opportunity for you to get some shopping for the whole family. your baskets!

Shine, the trend shop

Passing Poitou? Be sure to take a trip to Shine store. It offers to all fans of fashion, various models of clothes, accessories and shoes. If you want to please your teens, Shine is the best place to buy gifts trends, original and popular with young people.

The library of the Royal Monceau Arts

In this festive period, Royal Monceau offers many gift ideas to satisfy all those who love reading. You will find hundreds, even thousands of titles. Rare and books by renowned authors sold there.

Madame à Paris

Also in the field of fashion, this little shop has a collection of bags after his own creation. Pleasing Lady will be easy with all the models offered at the store.

Powderpuff and Company

If you love organic beauty products, this shop is for you. Why not offer an organic makeup kit for Christmas? In addition, the store offers a small gift to people who buy their products.

Henri Le Roux, the candy temple

For the opening of its store in Paris, Henri Le Roux offers small sweets made of fudge and chocolates gourmet. Treat the whole family by offering treats both delicious and beautiful.

Pure street Citadium

It's decided! The Christmas gift for your daughter or your son will be urban clothing. Spruce up your children with clothing, shoes, accessories offered by this special urban fashion store.

Dog & Design, to please your pets

Do you want to please your little dog at Christmas? Dog & Design, a boutique for dogs has many brand necklace models, accessories for dogs class. Your pet will be thrilled with such a gift.