Gastronomic stay in Rome


How about from a purely culinary stay in Rome? A unique opportunity to savor the magnificent Roman flavors in the many restaurants, pizzerias and bars great renomméede the city. You will be impressed by the wide range of choices you will have. First, grab a list of where you want to go. If You have desire to discover the wonderful taste of the Roman culinary tradition, go directly to Da Lucia where you can taste the Roman gnocchi and squid weights. If you want a good plate of Carbonara of amatricana or even meatballs with a delicious tomato sauce, go for the fancy restaurant Alfredo ed Ada. Another destination not to be missed, Sora Margherita, in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Rome. In this small cozy corner, you have the chance to indulge yourself with the different soups pasta with chickpeas, lentils, or even beans. In Rome, all greedy desires will be met. If you are more amateur-based seafood dishes, you will not have to tire yourself to find votrebonheur, specialty restaurants are in every corner of the city like the one called Crabs, or you can feast with a good plate of lobster, oysters, crabs, octopus ... Etc., with purely Roman spices. And if you want to enjoy a good Greek food in the middle of a Roman restaurant, you can satisfy your desire in the heart of the Akropolis. Choose between a moussaka, a spanakopia and other delights. Your gastronomic stay in Rome will be well spiced, not think of kilos, you will have time to lose after enjoying the Crostata di Ricotta, this cake with fresh ricotta mixed with candied fruit or savory ciambelle al vino, cake dry as a round donut, you can even dip into your glass of wine at the end of the meal, it is also an excellent digestive. In Rome, you'll find great food.