Living in Thailand: advice and practical information


Living in Thailand is a wonderful way to mark a break with the pace of life and to discover unusual landscapes. It will follow a few recommendations for your stay is in good conditions. First, it will answer the question: when to leave? The dry season lasts from late October to April. At this time of year, it's very hot and it is sometimes quite unpleasant, we advise you to go there during the peak tourist season, which is also the coolest between December and January. But given the popularity of tourists to this destination, you need to take in advance to make reservations. Also note that in general, there is a surge in prices between December 15 and January 15, so it's best to get there before or after these dates. To get to Thailand, you will need a passport valid beyond 6 months after your return date. No need for a visa for a tourist stay of less than 30 days.

In terms of vaccination, we recommend that you check your vaccine reminders to be current. If you plan to get there for the scuba diving, a medical certificate will be required.

Now that you are there, you should know that Thailand is the cradle of several civilizations. so you'll have plenty to see and do. If you like nature you will love. You will discover endless beaches, a perfect crystal clear sea for a living diving. One can also discover mysterious deep jungles all topped mountains. But if you want to opt for a cultural journey, you will also be spoiled for choice, we advise you to go to the meeting of the Buddhist religion and everything that represents: temples, monuments and rituals. Did we need to remember that it is inconceivable not to visit the capital Bangkok and discover all its cultural secrets?