Deal Stay: information and bookings

City fishermen Kent Deal is located between Dover and Ramsgate, England. It offers a beautiful landscape with its Georgian houses along the sea that have been built near the Tudor Deal Castle, the residence of King Henry 8.

For a successful stay in Deal, must be provided within 40 € per day per person for accommodation, including breakfast. It is also advisable to arrive by train because the trip is not likely to last very long as it takes just cross the Channel. It is recommended to book a hotel room or a bed and breakfast, with an online travel agency, no later than one week before the start

Deal. Plan your next week Vacation

During your week vacation in Deal, United Kingdom, you can stay in a hotel, bed and breakfast, a youth hostel (hostel), a hostel backpacker (private hostel ), a home for young workers or university home (available in summer). The average budget for you is advisable to provide is 350 to 400 € per person, always in terms of accommodation. But if you want to spend less, you can always look for a promotional offer online by an institution.

When you are in Deal, you will have the opportunity to visit many interesting sights even during a stay of a week. You can, for example, go to the Castle Deal, the dam of Deal or the Time Ball Tower Museum.