Living in Mexico: practical information and advice for a successful stay


You decided, for this holiday, this is Mexico! What a good idea, Mexico combines both fascination and wealth. Mexican cultures live in harmony, and this destination offers a treasure trove of discoveries. However for a successful trip to this unique destination, some recommendations are to be taken. First, you should know that Mexico offers 1001 aspects, so it is important to determine what you want to do or see. Between pre-Columbian archeology, exceptional landscapes or colonial architecture, you'll be spoiled for choice. Mexicans are welcoming people, whose cultural mix was their strength. A mix that is intended for both Indian influences, Hispanic and North American. Feel free to reach out to them and dip into their fascinating secrets though.

For a full tour of Mexico, it will take you 7 days to see everything. Between wealth of architecture, museums as well as popular markets, you will learn about all these civilizations. We advise you to avoid late night stroll in the neighborhoods of Mexico City. Although Mexico today is classified as a relatively stable destination, it remains relatively dangerous for tourists with deep pockets. To get to Mexico, you do not need a visa if you are a European citizen for a stay of less than 90 days, but you will need a return ticket. On arrival, a form called F.M.E. must be filled. Also be aware that the passport and the form must be presented at all control to the interior of Mexico. So be sure to keep good on you and make a photocopy in case of theft.

No vaccine is required but still check your immunization schedule before start and do not hesitate to redo all the necessary vaccinations recalls. It is strongly advised to take adequate insurance before you leave covering accidents, hospitalization, but also to check if there is possibility of repatriation in case of problems.