Living in Cuba: practical information and advice before travel


Cuba is the largest Caribbean island. With its small paradise islands, it is the perfect destination. Cuba offers 1,001 things to do and 36,000 paths to achieve. Bathed in the Caribbean Sea, you will deduce yourself the beauty of its beaches and its mild climate.

The visit of cities alone would be enough to fill a culture lovers traveler. Each city bears the marks of the colonial era or the Revolution. The old city of Havana and Trinidad are also two sites listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. But between two cities, one can very well mark a stop and explore the beach sports or scuba diving to explore the beauty of the seabed of the Caribbean Sea.

< p> Behind these clichés around Cuba, know that the island is not only cigars, music, Castro and the embargo, Cuba is a sometimes overlooked magical corner of the traditional tourist circuits.

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Quick tip during your stay, do not be shocked by the poverty that reigns there, the Cubans are great people who know how to welcome. Do not hesitate to go to them.

Before you start, make sure you bring your passport whose validity must exceed limit of 6 months after your return date. You will also need a tourist card kind of visa, which is issued by the Cuban consulate. You should know that no vaccine is required. However we recommend that you review all your reminders of vaccines and vaccines check your schedule.

Another important recommendation, know that in Cuba you can take pleasure in riding a bike. Almost all highways have a bike path. Guests can rent them at the hotel or in specialized points. But avoid driving at night, the lighting is almost nonexistent.

If the bike and you, that's two, opt for coco-taxi, easily recognizable by their yellow color rather than other means of transport.

The shortage of pharmaceuticals is being felt, we recommend that you take with you the "indispensable" and recharge your first aid kit.