Getting married in Las Vegas formalities, costs, locations and themes

Vacances casino, hotels luxes et jeux à Las Vegas?

Las Vegas? this is probably the most wonderful place and most unusual to get married, so if you are tempted to say YES in a magical place, we offer some tips to make this day the most beautiful and your happiness continues.

marriage formalities in Las Vegas

To be able to get married, you need a valid passport (it's your ID), have more than 18 years a marriage license to be issued you with the Clark County marriage license Bureau. This license costs about 55 dollars and it is that which "certifies" your union in Las Vegas. You can drive 201 Clark Avenue to apply, it's pretty fast. This is where the registration of your marriage is at the Las Vegas Wedding Bureau. The license in hand, you can head to your place of ceremony. Know that any officer of US civil or representative of a religious denomination is authorized to perform a marriage. After the ceremony, you will receive a marriage certificate or Marriage Certificate, (the price is a few dollars). Now you can view you as husband and wife, but you will need to validate your marriage in your country of residence. After saving your marriage in Clark County Marriage License Bureau, you may request a copy of your marriage certificate. You can also make the order (charge control) from their website

Cost and organization of your ceremony.

We recommend that you make the choice before departure. Several sites have specialized in this kind of specific service. You can choose from chapels or hotels, the themes are also offered. At this stage, take the time to choose well and compare the different offers for to wedding planning agency to prepare everything. He only just have to choose the place and the atmosphere you desire.

If you opt for a chapel, you can also choose the wedding dress, the tuxedo, alliances ... you should visit place and find everything you want.

These services naturally have a price. There are now a wedding 250 dollars for a basic service. But if the ceremony just interested, you should not exceed $ 50.