Relax in parks and gardens in Barcelona


Find a green area in Barcelona to enjoy a day outdoors is a real breeze. Indeed, the Catalan capital full of parks and gardens, simply stroll through the city to find many green corners. Here are some suggestions for the best gardens in Barcelona

Parc Güell: it was designed by architect Antonio Gaudí. Its beauty has earned it a ranking of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. At the entrance, do not miss a short break before the two buildings mushroom, real architectural masterpieces. Then continue your way towards the stairs. Here you can not miss the room with 84 columns. From here breathtaking views of the entire city of Barcelona and its port is available to you. Carrer d'Olot - Metro Lesseps.

Park Citadella: if you want to combine eco-tourism and cultural tourism is good to park Cittadella need to go. Built in 1714 on the orders of Philip V, this park is full of history. By visiting be sure to explore the zoo, the Parliament building in Catalonia, the big fountain, the Zoological Museum, the Modern Art Museum and the Geological Museum. Do not leave the Citadella park without seeing his Triumphal Arch dating from 1888, it is situated beside the main north entrance. Many events punctuate life in this park: ballroom dancing, competition djembes, exhibitions ... Address: Passeig de Pujades and Passeig de Picasso.

Horta Labyrinth Park: it is a museum garden located north of Barcelona. You will find surely enjoy losing yourself in its alleys dotted with cypress trees. If you can find your way, take a walk on the side of the fountain, the setting is just beautiful. Address: Calle Germans Desvalls and Passeig dels Castanyers.

Cstell del Park of the Oreneta: this park is less touristy than the previous, it is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet away from the crowds. it houses a beautiful botanical garden to see. If you are traveling with children, you can offer them a pony ride or a ride on the train. Address: Montevideo, 45 .