Wiggle in Lille: the Top 5 nightclubs

The northern capital attracts many young people from across Europe. The beautiful North knows how to be generous when it is time to dance. The proximity of Belgium allows to make a jump to the neighbors always at the forefront dancehall side.

Duke's Club so chic

The music is varied in this chic nightclub installed between the walls and under the red brick arches of a former cheese Lille. Gosselet Street, room for two rooms, connected or generalist. Early thirties love this place for a drink and have fun with friends from Wednesday to Saturday. Patricia Alvarez will give you rock during some evenings. BCBG welcome.

The Club S: if connected

Gay address and therefore inevitably connected Wazemmes. They know so much fun. The atmosphere is casual, but to go there, it is better to leave the community. Tip: go with an acquaintance. The atmosphere is casual with the manners of the North.

Network: so cool

The establishment of Pheasant Street benefits from its advantageous location. Here we listen to all the songs hit Rihanna, Adele, The Weeknd, Diplo, Skillex, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber ... We love hip hob nights and r'n'b Sunday night. It is also the right place to listen to the show-case of musicos in moove.

The Warehouse: so young

450 people can be accommodated in the new temple at night Lille on Friday and Saturday night. Free entry. You only pay for the drinks. The average age is around 23 years.

Pulse: if pro

This is the box to Esquelmes, near Tournai, Belgium, with its four unique atmospheres: stage hand around the house and commercial dance room with house, deep, the retro, RnB, groove and club, bar cocktail oasis with lounge music and the Terraza with outdoor pool. If the interior decoration is cured, the outside is less engaging.