Offer superb hiking in France

How about a beautiful hike in France? This is an opportunity to make the great crossing of the Pyrenees. A chance to contemplate the authenticity of an incomparable natural setting. Tour the islands of France and discover the green spaces surrounding the city. Plan a stop in the fortress of Provins and do not miss to discover the castle and the forest of Fontainebleau. Then, the Château de Chantilly.

Other circuits are equipped for hikers. Choose the path of Corsica, if you are in search of a legendary voyage. From Calinzana in Corsica Conca in southern Corsica. You will be impressed by the wild beauty of the Corsican mountains. It is the remains of a fauna and flora of the most beautiful. Although the journey is exhausting, feelings will be unique.

In the evening, you can simply set up your tent. One way to ensure a fabulous awakening. Open your eyes under the melodious songs of birds in the area. Several stops will be possible in the little villages crossing your path.

Go for a romantic ride in the heart of the Cevennes. Between these volcanic belt of Lower Auvergne. Moors and water points of Gevaudan. The prominence stripped of Mont Lozère and the woods of the Cevennes. You will be charmed by the biodiversity of the area spread over more than 200 km. In twelve days you will have the chance to discover natural splendor. A successful marriage with a rich culture. More on: