Escape, immediately, now!

Your daily asphyxia you? it is time to Here is a new service edited by Cityzeum that differentiates the main sites of agencies and share trips comparators several innovations of use:

  • A qualified semantic search Big Data: millions of travel deals are indexed, making de facto one of the first web travel catalogs. These offers are indexed in relation to their content, not just the destination in which they should appear. Thus, during a search, the results are displayed in relation to the adequacy of the response (even if your application contains multiple words) and not a ranking & ldquo; Shopping & rdquo; like a comparator.

  • A simple and visually intuitive navigation. No more listing price offers classified the cheaper (supposedly!) To most expensive. The site voluntarily a single page and look like (if we should call it) to a & ldquo; & rdquo Pinterest trip ;. Navigation is done through the thumbnails. The relevance of your search is refined based on what on what you click. You can apply multiple filters for more relevance.

  • An absence of price comparison and availability search. Wherever possible, the service attempts to reference the producers, there or availability is the best (versus a distributor who could not see passing a portion of the inventory). Moreover, same for more transparency, the prices are not quoted, the most reliable source is the producer's website

  • The large and small merchants. Most comparators reference that wholesale distributors. on, the philosophy is different. Indeed, we assume that our value not going to be in the listing of the biggest travel sites, but in the medium and small, which they are usually re-distributed anywhere. Thus, the final offer is enriched.

  • A simplified social sharing. You can create lists of deals, share them simply. Although other social functions are being prepared.

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