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Identity Card:
  • Population 2614263 hab

  • Language Italian

  • Region Lazio

  • Zip code 00100

  • Key monuments: The Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, the Capitol, the Pantheon, the Baths of Caracalla, the Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese, Piazza Navona, Villa Medici, the Vatican ....

    • Currency Euro

    • Payment card: You can buy many things with a credit card at Rome, although many small businesses do not accept. Usually we do not ask you your code, an ID card and a signature enough. The ATMs are widespread.

    • Budget stay 1 Week 300-600 Euro

    • Restaurants
      Cheap less . € 10 / person
      Average : 10 € -25 euros / person
      Premium more than 40 € / person .

    • Hosting

    • Cheap : 20/30 euros / night

    • Average : 60-100 euros / night

    • Premium : more than 140 euros / night


      How to get there?

      • Bus You can go to Rome by bus network Eurolines from major French cities, a slow means of transport but relatively economic, especially if you carry with you a lot of luggage. (No extra charge unlike the aircraft). Most buses arrive at the station Tibus, this one is served by the metro.

      • By Air: Ciampino airport is served by low-cost airlines, so that it takes a bit to advance you can find really cheap airline tickets from France.

      • By train: There are direct trains from Paris to Rome (night train). It is also possible to go through Nice to reach Milan and then Rome.

      • By car: There are two ways to go to Rome by car from France or the French Riviera with Highway A8 or N7 or by the Alps via the tunnels of Mont Blanc and Frejus. Then A1 motorway, follow Milan, Bologna, Florence.

        On site:

        • Car One thing to know absolutely : The center of Rome is restricted to cars, you could be fined for about 100 euros for breaching these restrictions measures. Warning your license plate is scanned automatically at the entrance to limited areas.

        • Bus One of the most popular and useful lines for a visit to Rome is line 40, which goes from Termini station to Castel Sant'Angelo near the Vatican . Convenient but often crowded.

        • Bicycle: A good idea to visit Rome, convenient to move through the narrow streets of the historic center, or where cars can not pass.

        • Metro: Rome has two major subway lines that cross at Termini Station .

          • Tips : In the summer, take the usual precautions against sunburn and sunstroke, and remember to drink plenty of water

            • Pickpockets: Although a safe city, it is important to warn you against pickpockets raging mainly in tourist areas of Rome, the stations and trains. If you are driving, do not leave anything in sight in a parked vehicle. You should make photocopies of your identification documents and your travel documents.

              • Climate : The climate of Rome is Mediterranean, mild and wet winter, hot and dry in summer .

              • Average temperatures 24 & deg; C in summer and 8 & deg; C in winter in Rome .

              • Best time to get there: : Spring and Autumn are certainly the best seasons to visit Rome, neither too hot nor too cold, over the summer Rome empties of its inhabitants, which takes away much of its charm.

                Daily life: