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Kyrgyzstan is still usable in the field of hospitality. He has only a few dozen of accommodation places for the moment. Anyway, the services are very different, a luxury hotel or economic, everyone will find his account. Businessmen are more privileged, because there is a hotel for groups. These are the Bed and breakfast that are the largest in the country. Among the most popular hotels, there is the Asia Mountains Guest House Bishkek Stadt and Karven Four Seasons in Sary-Oi. The night is generally between 50 and 400 euros.

Learn more about Kyrgyzstan before booking your hotel

Kyrgyzstan belongs to the Central Asia. This is also a former Russian republic and gained independence in 1991. The people of this country are called Kyrgyz. This country is south of Kazakhstan, in the east of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan to the north east, north and east of China. The population of Kyrgyzstan was estimated at 5,218,000 inhabitants in 2007.

Kyrgyzstan is an interesting destination through such activities as mountaineering, Helski the paraclimbing, hunting or hiking in horse. The main sites are the most visited Issyk Kul Lake to the east, high mountain lake Son Kul, the Inylchec glacier peaks Peak Pobedy, the Tash Rabat caravanserai of the site in the Naryn region, the Lenin Peak, Arslanbob village, the cities of Ouzgen and Osh in the south, the canyon of the Kekemeren or throat Konorchek.