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The various attractive tourist sites such as Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island with its national park, sports Haiphong are among the major reasons for visiting the Gulf of Tonkin. accommodation can be found in the surrounding towns when visiting these wonderful places, including Annam, Laos and Tonkin. Average prices range around 40 euros for one night. Among the luxurious resorts, there is the Novotel, a four star hotel which is located in Vientiane. Hotels around the Gulf are well equipped and usually offer free internet access.

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The Gulf of Tokin or Beibu bay is located between China and Vietnam. It is approximately 470 km per 240 km. It is the sea area between Vietnam and China. The waters of the Red River spilled into the Gulf of Tokin. We discover many islands as Hainan, the largest and Weizhou.

Ha Long Bay, a small place on the golf course, is famous for its scenery. There are the Karst islands, Cat Ba Island with its national park and Hainphong and port. We will have lots of fun with the rice fields landscapes covering a coastal part surrounding the Red River Delta. Recognized as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, Halong Bay is known worldwide thanks to its multitude of natural islands. The Halong lined landscapes of cultural attractions such as pagodas and temple create a famous tourist destination.