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There are a few hotels in the Bay of Bengal to satisfy visitors. Accommodation in this country is generally a bit more expensive because it is placed between 100 and 250 euros. You can live in bungalows or in luxury rooms. In your choice, know that generally, the rooms are sometimes more economical than luxurious bungalows that cost from 200 euros. The hotels in this country are at the level of the beach. Some of them are decorated with an architecture combining the traditional and the modern. For travelers looking very elegant hotels, there are among others the Royal Beach Motel Hotel which is Myapin village.

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it is on the north-eastern part of the Indian Ocean lies the Bay of Bengal. Triangle, surrounded by the Indochinese peninsula in the east, the Indian subcontinent to the west, the Indian state of West Bengal and Bangladesh in the north. You will discover the beauty of the region with its beautiful beaches and lush paddy fields. Given that many river as the Irrawaddy, the Bagon the Hlaing and Patjein flow into the Gulf of Bengal, then it is full of variety of fish. A site has been opened in the delta region. We discover birds, water and rice. The church Sacred Heart of Jesus Pondicherry built in 1850 in India southeast Bay of Bengal shows an eastern example of Gothic style.