Book a hotel in North Korea

North Korea brings together many luxury hotels, but also cheap. Several new hotels have recently been installed in North Korea have recently moved, they offer comfort with high-tech facilities. Among these institutions, the Koryo Hotel in Pyongyang Yanggakdo International Hotel or Pyongyang. North Korea does not present a favorable tourist interest, but it has a considerable number of hotels for holidays or business trips. Know that in some North Korean hotel, the credit card is still not accepted, you have to pay everything in cash.

Learn more about North Korea before booking your hotel

North Korea is located in East Asia. It is close to the Republic of South Korea, China and Russia. It covers 120,538 km2 and has the capital Pyongyang. It is important to mark its tourist stay proceeding to Kungang Mountains which is south Korea border.

The visit of the Seokgur-am cave on the slopes of the Tohamsan hill, and that of Buddhist temple Haeinsa is to do. The latter contains all Buddhist manuscripts written on 81,258 wooden printing tablets. It is well worth a visit.