Rentabliser his holidays while shopping, it is possible!

The collaborative economy or sharing economy, you know? Here's a hint: Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Uber & hellip; These giants of the sharing economy creates vocations. Democratizing linking individuals to each other they realize services, these startups have paved the way for this principle also applies to travel.

Reduce Invoice < / strong>

Do you want to soften the bill's ticket airplane? Think of matchmaking sites between travelers and e-shopper. Deal-Trotter is one of these start-ups! The principle is simple: to connect a traveler and a person who wishes to buy a product abroad. Easy right?

The traveler does not advance to money and receives the order directly on its base. On his return trip, he will meet the e-shopper, will give him the order and receive a cash bonus from the site. This premium will be paid directly into his bank account. Followed by the best incubators of the capital, the launch of the service is expected in April next and looks very promising!

The future of travel

Estimated at 335 billion dollars, the global market for collaborative economy continues to grow. The applications are endless as long as there is trust among users.

For travelers, these new networks social is an opportunity to meet new people, traveling useful and practical!

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