Nice Carnival Queen 2012


The election of the Nice Carnival Queen takes place online, www . From 9 to 31 January 2012, Internet users around the world can vote for their favorite candidate among nine young women sélectionnées.Un each profile will allow visitors of the official site of the carnival to discover their personality. A video-interview, filmed in an emblematic place of the city trying out different sports, photos taken at the Nice Opera's have a little more ... In 2011, more than 16,400 votes came from around the world . The majority were European, besides more than 8800 French, almost a thousand Italians, and great-Breton or Irish fifties and even Russian and votes suédois.La mobilization was also international with, for example, votes from Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia and Kenya ... or 52 pays.La presentation of the Queen and the two runners will be held in early February. The lucky winner will receive a one-year contract with the Enjoy Models agency, a picture book and a trip to London for two with Air France.This year, users can vote multiple times .. .
Indeed, the polling is to weekly disposal. Every Friday, the lowest-positioned candidates have the opportunity to be supported throughout the weekend. On Monday, the two lowest-placed candidate leave the contest. The device reproduces until 30 janvier.Les voters also have the opportunity to win prizes, will be drawn and will receive allocations that suivent.1er price: 2 nights stay for 2 at the Negresco. 2nd prize: Dinner & Show for 2 at the Casino Ruhl 3rd prize: 4 grandstand tickets for Battle of Fleurs.OFFICE OF TOURISM AND CONGRESS NICE