Recommendations for a 3-star and 2-star Mexico City

Decouvrir Mexico

Mexico is one of the biggest cities in the world and has a rich historical heritage very interesting. Many visitors visit this city, causing a very important offer of accommodation and diverse. To find a 3 star hotel or 2 star that suits you best, be careful on the choice of where lies the hotel. Neighborhoods like Alameda, Zna Rosa are ideal if you want a quiet place but close to the attraction of the city. But for an affordable hotel, choose among those resident in the neighborhood of Condesa. A three star called Condesa Reforma offers night from € 19. Near the airport is also located another who rents a room from € 55 approximately. This is the case of the Ramada Aeropuerto Mexico. For 30 euros, you can choose a two star. You can choose from the Imperial Reforma Hotel or the Hotel Mission Express Zona Rosa. Prim Hotel is also a good plan to stay cheap in Mexico.