Which recommended hotels Piacenza?

Several hotel establishments in any budget and any destination are at Piacenza. You can easily find simple, budget accommodation but also quite sophisticated and luxurious. Prices vary on average from 50 euros to 100 euros. There are for example four-star hotels Hotel Ovest or Classhotel Piecenza Fiera around the Mos. They are perfect for both business and tourist travelers. Alternatively, you can also book holiday homes or hostels in Piacenza. Note that the attractions in this city are numerous and impressive.

Learn more about Piacenza before booking your hotel

Piacenza is a beautiful Italian town located on the right bank Po in Emilia-Romagna. On the edge of Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy, the city undergoes the strong attraction of Milan. It forms an important railway and motorway hub. Interesting monuments are: the municipal palace Palazzo Gotico, the Farnese palace, which houses the Municipal Museum of Archeology and exposing among its collections the particular liver of Piacenza is a bronze object to the Etruscan divination by hepatoscopy practiced by soothsayers. Many churches are built there whose cathedral he Duom Romanesque style, and the church of Santa Maria di Campagna, Renaissance. The city also has a municipal theater dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi and a gallery of modern art "Ricci Oddi".

How to find a hotel in Piacenza? < p> This tourist city of Italy is home to many hotels. Whatever your holiday budget, there will always be one that can meet your financial constraints. In order to optimize the development of tourism, Piacenza does not target a particular type of clientele that you are here for a business visit or play backpacker, you will be pleasantly greeted. What explains this hotel offers varied. So if you are looking for a cheap hotel, you will not be disappointed. Is that economic establishments open all over the city just as luxurious and starred hotels. The accommodation rates are generally 50 to 100 € per night. If you want to swim in the Italian culture and customs, opt for holiday homes or at most hostels. In any case, before you make a reservation, visit the hotel notice and online users. They will guide you on your choice.