Some tips for visiting Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Who has not heard of Rio? Who has not seen Rio on TV or the Internet? Rio is considered nowadays as the showcase of Brazil with its world-famous beaches and especially its remarkable carnival thousand colors.

A trip to Rio is a great discovery but as an expansion opportunity. If this is your first trip to Brazil, Rio is an excellent starting to discover this country in all its forms.

The famous Copacabana beach is the perfect place to to choose a hotel there. The hotels in this region are all facing the sea. Depending on your budget, choose your hotel from simple inn legendary Copacabana Palace.

Other than Copacabana beachfront Ipanema is a magical place, a little more exclusive than the first it is at the foot of Bossa Nova. Transportation is diversified in Rio, taxi, bus or on foot you can go everywhere, but the most simple, fast and above all safe for tourists still remains underground.

< p> There are many excursions offered in Rio, the most famous is the cable car ride to the famous Sugar Loaf (about 400 meters) to admire the Guanabara Bay accompanied by monkeys!

Also in altitude, the emblem of Rio is indeed Corcovado, 700 meters high, be sure to visit the famous Christ the Redeemer statue 30 meters rising to happiness its visitors.

for lovers of nature, Rio offers the visit of the natural park of Tijuca to discover the charms of the rainforest in all its colors. The historic center of Rio offers the Santa Teresa neighborhood hung on the heights of the city and scattered the famous flowered houses worth a visit.

For nightlife, be the appointment Involved in Lapa, a very trendy area of ​​Rio built in the thirties. This area contains several cabarets, night clubs and bars to delight fans of nightlife away from the tourist areas of Copacabana.