What activities do family in Tokyo?

Tokyo, entre culture, tradition et modernité

If you have decided to take your children on a trip to Tokyo, you will need to arrange to have an overall idea of ​​the places you are visiting or you will be baffled. Certainly the feeling of exploration is exciting but in the case of the Japanese capital, this will be difficult because it is home to a multitude of things, mainly for children, you will not be able to see them all. You start by putting your child in the bath by booking an afternoon for a tour of the Ghibli studio aka the Disney of the East, the museum houses various exhibitions presenting you the animation process, a playground, and characters from Ghibli museum that will delight the family. If you are an art lover, the Palais de Tokyo will be your Eldorado and children can attend facilities for young audiences and workshops (called Tok Tok) that introduce contemporary art, taking place in the heart even exhibitions. When the weather is waiting for you and if you are tired of walking in the streets of Tokyo, take the whole family at the playground in Shinjuku Central Park where access is free and where your children will have fun to fools and where there are also benches to sit. But for a true output must go to Inokashira Park which happens to be a huge park with zoo, lake and rides. Admission is only € 4 for adults, 1.5 € for teens and free for children. If traveling with family during the winter, you'd love to ski and you have young children, do not worry because the ski resort Ski Naspa Garden offers a service guard. The nursery, Tanpopo House, is open from morning until late afternoon and you will not need to make reservations. Prices are 14 € the hour. If you would like your or your daughters you are grateful for life, you will surprise them by taking them to Sanrio Puroland, the impressive universe and totally dedicated to Hello Kitty. But we must make sacrifices because the entrance is 15 € children / 25 € adults and 25 € / 35 with the attractions. Finally we assure you in case you have to take a stroller you by revealing the existence of a small guide that provides you the plan for the elevators of subway network, available in all stations in the Tokyo subway system.