What budget provide for a stay in Crete?

Under the terms of his journey, Crete can be a destination as expensive as cheap all depends!

cash to lowest budget will fare for 30-35 euros per day in Crete. Note the price variations that occur between high and low tourist seasons.

A flight to Greece amounts to 250-300 euros return in season; you can also take a flight to Athens and then take the ferry to Piraeus.

Level accommodation, camping will be the cheapest. A youth hostel back to 15 euros per night , a three-star comfortable hotel can dig for 50-60 euros per night for a double room.

Eating on the go is easy, and it starts with '' giros '' sandwiches 1.5 euro ... in taverns and small restaurants, we eat for less than 10 euros . 15-20 euros are expected in restaurants a little more upscale or in highly tourist areas.

There, for transport, rent a car amounts to 15-20 euros per day , a scooter rental 10 euros ... no, the bus is preferred and is a means of transport cheap and convenient.

For a week in Crete all-inclusive (airfare, lodging, all expenses), there must be a budget of about 500-600 euros to be quiet, without much belt-tightening, but without spending too much either.