What to do with kids in Strasbourg? 7 ways to occupy


Strasbourg is the city of good plans to entertain children. Output ideas abound: doll museum, magic, car ... There is something for everyone and for all ages .

1 / Europa Park

You can take the shuttle from the airport or from Strasbourg by car from the A5, Rust output. On Saturday and Sunday, coach operators organize transfers from Strasbourg to the amusement park. It well be the day to enjoy the rides this fairground family who designs most Disney attractions. Thrills or enchantments to you!

2 / Planetarium Strasbourg

The children still have their heads in the stars. Watching the sky facilitates understanding of the universe. Astronomy gives ideas of vocation, new explorations for the child. Ode to the discovery and curiosity, the bezel 34 tons will enthuse University Street.

3 / vessel

This is the place to do scientific experiments. The distraction becomes intelligent. Children 3 to 15 years are progressing at their own pace. If measure, test, experiment: this is the concept of this unique special place in nature and the human body. 3D screenings, live performances ... Scientists animations change regularly. Meet at 1 bis rue Philippe Dollinger.

4 / Tomi Ungerer Museum - International Center of Illustration

Kids love to draw. They will discover the world of the famous children's book illustrator. Temporary exhibitions of other illustrators are always interesting at the Villa Greiner, located at 2, avenue de la Marseillaise. Free up to 18 years.

5 / Zoo Strasbourg

At five years, discover the flora and fauna in this space located at 29 Boulevard de la Victoire. Animals from around the world. A space is devoted to the missing animals. This is an opportunity to learn the names of animals and be interested in their meals. Who eats what? Answer Strasbourg in this beautiful space.

6 / Historical Museum of the City of Strasbourg

Kids love to see how our ancestors lived. Here in the former butcher of the 16th century, we see the models of old houses, weapons and uniforms and dolls of yesteryear. Free games for the family, dynamic museum: everything is done for young people on the docks. The museum is located 2 street of Old Fish Market.

7 / Bibi-Schott, the clown

Parents can invite home a clown. It will organize an animation based on the age of children in Strasbourg or nearby. Clown, ventriloquist, puppeteer, he can also make beautiful balloon sculptures or organize group games. It is finally a real man orchestra to animate your birthday parties. Contact: bibischott.com